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Ryusei Isao (Marcus Beaoudix)
Pizzaholic cinephile with anime obsessions and bookwormism.
Pizzaholic cinephile with anime obsessions and bookwormism.

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I do love this song when the day is starting or when the sun is setting and I am getting ready to plan some mischievous things with my crazy-ass friends.
It is so tender and so energetic.
Its just perfect.

Song: "Irotoridori no Sekai"
Album: Pop Life (1998)

PD: sorry for the last fail.

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The One Anthem of the Sleepless Nights and those Despair & Sweat Morning Sensations.

"Aku no Hana" - ending
Song: hana ga saita yo
Group:  Asa-Chang & Junray

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It is that time of the day again, people.

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Triple Combo!

Not for everyone, but this cries and begs to be the opening for a powerful story-based shonen/seinen anime with decent animation and neat characters.

Song: Watashi no Gakudan
Group: Kokusyoku Sumire

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Double Combo!
WARNING: video kinda NSFW-ish.
No nudity though.

Good inspirational music for those deep... well... somethings that have to do with smashing something and expecting back a neat gush of blood to the face while laughing about that Tarantino joke you just understood from one of his movies.


Song: Cutting Dahlia
Group: Strawberry Song Orchestra

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A little old, but REALLY good.

Now dance~!

Song: Inoch mijikash koi seyo jinrui!
Group: *Inukami Circus-Dan

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Happy birthday, Cage.
Animated Photo

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What are the odds that the second animated season of Mushishi turns out bad?
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