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Stop raping our freedom. Netzpolitik are heroes if they reveal activities against freedom of the people.

This article is also available in German:
The German domestic secret service is setting up a new department to improve and extend its internet surveillance capabilities, investing several million Euros. We hereby publish the secret description for the new unit named "Extended Specialist Support Internet". More than 75 spies are designated to monitor online chats and Facebook, create movement patterns and social network graphs and cove ...
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Stop the NSA and every German institution that acts against their own country.
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That's 94.28 degrees Fahrenheit. INDOOR! O.O
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This is what Europe is talking about:
Significant German political and economic telephone interception targets of the USA. 
So much for "our American friends"... 
People call for counterspy actions and even spyattacks on US economic targets as a reaction to this.
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Well, Google's algorithm did not mark "black people" as Gorillas, but only this particular person as a Gorilla.
It's way too hot today, maybe that's why I cant help myself but looking at the photo of what Google's photo recognition tagged as a Gorilla. Well, Google's algorithm did not mark "black people" as Gorillas, but only this pa...
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Ah, a typical iPhone user
sry, couldn't resist :D :D Bwahaha.
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Hi there!
Videography is a precise profession requiring highly trained individuals
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Freedom downtime in Germany.
We will not be quiet! Looks like the reports are true.
Is that what the Generalbundesanwalt is calling free press?
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PAWS UP if YOU think Genie is the cutest little Sand cat, ever!

Genie will be 15 later this month, which is pretty old for a Sand cat. Her age is starting to show and she deals with some occasional age related health issues but all in all she is a feisty girl that loves life.

Genie is extremely shy and a bit hissy, too. She LOVES to eat and hide in flower pots.

More about Genie:
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Yay! Just got the HD version. Wow. The soundtrack in the background already giving me goosebumps. Wow. Yuna, I'm ready to save the world again.
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Picked that up also both are very good. Just got Aurons Yunas and Titus' final weapons
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Good move Russia take Ukraine out of the picture let the yanks pay for the country they destroyed.
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Astronomy, podcasting, blogging, gaming, geocaching most of the free time
The world is awesome if you want !
I'm a blogger, podcaster, citizen journalist, Android loving, vegan and enthusiastic geocacher.

The most asked question: "What does Ryo mean?" - It's a Japanese forename and is spoken [ri:o] roughly like in "Rio de Janeiro"

All of my own content is published under the Creative Commons License BY-SA if not stated otherwise. Please look at the copyright notices on photos or other material, that comes from other sources.

Hey, you want to know more about me? Here you go:

I am running a few private websites and netcasts, and working on different places on the Web to support free software, new ways to communicate and social web. I'm not a member of any political party. I used to be an active member of an astronomical observatory, and of the "Planetary Society / S.E.T.I.", for several years.

Computer History: Commodore VC-20 (VIC-20), C64, Amiga 2000, 386er, 486er, Power Macintosh 5200, iMac G3, Pentium 3, PowerMac G4, AMD Athlon 2400, PowerMac G5 Dual 2*2,0 Ghz/9600XT, AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ with GNU/Linux, MacBook Pro 2,2GHZ/LED (2007), Laptop 2*1,6Ghz Core2Duo/8400M/XP/Ubuntu (2008-2011)†. Actual Systems: Intel Quad 9300 4*2,5 Ghz/9800GTX extreme/Win8+Ubuntu (2008), Laptop i3-3120M/nVidia 740M/Win8+Manjaro(2013)

Current Mobile Devices: Pipo T9 OctaCore Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab Android-Tablet, Pebble Smartwatch

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Follow my life at my microblog Micro Ryo or follow my posts here on Google+.
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