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Article I just read. Informative for patient perspective
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Some helpful information from your comprehensive Chesapeake dental care specialists.
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would like to address a common question that may help some of you this month.

What can be done to make my teeth/smile look better?
There is no question about it, having an attractive smile is a great thing to have these days and an important part of social interaction especially when meeting new people. A perfect start is just getting them cleaned by a professional hygienist and polished will remove quite a bit of the stains that accumulate from coffee, red wine, smoking, etc. Then I recommend using some whitening gel in combination with a custom made tray (I provide these at my practice for no charge for new patients AND for patients of record).
Generally, what is found to be esthetically pleasing is straight, white, and shiny teeth without large spaces between them. Also important is appropriate size and proportion. Not to be neglected is healthy gums; your smile is not going to be as pleasant if your gums are inflamed and red.
All of these factors and some others must be taken into account when making a plan treatment plan to maintain or perfect your beautiful and healthy smile.
Your cleaning appointment is a perfect time for any concerns or questions about the current state your mouth is in, and/or what your options are to improve and enhance your smile’s appeal (or your mouths overall health) can and should be asked of your dentist and hygienist.
Also, a lot of times SAME DAY TREATMENT can be provided that will dramatically improve your smile’s appearance!!
Please feel free to call or visit the website and make an appointment for a courtesy consultation (no charge)
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I would like to address some common questions that may help some of you this month.
Is there anything you can do to help me relax during my dental visit? I really don’t like visiting the dentist and sometimes avoid coming (to my own detriment).
My staff and I create an environment that is friendly, helpful, and non-threatening to help put you at ease right away. I am extremely sympathetic to this (I myself remember feeling pretty significant dental anxiety earlier in life). I then strive to make someone feel comfortable enough to be able to openly discuss what concerns/anxieties they might have and then we work through it together. Nitrous oxide can be administered safely and comfortably through a nose piece when it is appropriate.

When should I first bring my young children to see the dentist?
Your baby’s relationship with the dentist’s office should ideally start with a positive experience (especially since it can set  a positive tone for a lifetime of healthy, smiling appointments), so this process should start with the arrival of the first tooth! (6-12 months old). During this quick visit your dentist will teach you how to properly clean your child’s mouth, check for normal development of mouth and face, and determine whether fluoride supplementation is appropriate.
What payment options are available?
When considering your treatment options you should want the dentist to make recommendations based on what is the very best treatment for you regardless of your insurance coverage or financial arrangements. At my office we offer several payment options to make it possible for you to get the care that you want and deserve. 
(1) Pre pay in full (courtesy 5% discount given for this as it simplifies our bookkeeping). (2) Major Credit Cards. (3) Care-Credit (no-interest options up to 2 years to pay for any procedure you want including elective procedures). (4) Springstone Financial (a very nice option no interest option that can be spread out for 4-5 years!). (5) Pay as you go (you may choose to pay your obligation for each visit with Cash, Check or Credit Card/Debit Card at each visit.(6) Gradual Treatment Plan (for those patients on a limited budget, or with no insurance, by prioritizing and spreading out appointments over several months or years)
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We've highlighted some of our 5-star reviews in this short video clip
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Since it is snowing today and I did not have too many appointments I had time to write up a tip to whiten your teeth tip that you can use that does not require you to see a dental professional (or one of the "laser whitening" places at the mall! In fact you don't need to leave your house to do this one!  I was inspired to share this method after seeing these sort of tips advertised all the time on websites that I visit (yahoo, aol, etc) , but they are don't work.
I will give you one that does work!! First, you get one of these mouthguards (thermoform plastic) I've provided a link below. Customize this piece of plastic according to manufacturers instructions (put in hot water, i.e. 'boil &bite'). Then buy some of the whitening gel (Its less expensive on amazon (similar, not identical product) than it is where I get it! I really don't know how they do this!! Please be cautious to make sure this material is not expired or otherwise black/grey market)
Now that you have the supplies here are the instructions:
1. Brush and floss your teeth. Rinse your mouth well.
2. Place a small amount of bleaching gel into each tooth space in the provided trays for every tooth to be lightened.
3. Insert the trays into your mouth over the teeth, wipe the excess gel off the gum tissue with your finger or a towel, and expectorate (spit out) the excess gel and foam, and keep the loaded trays in your mouth for 1 hour.
4. If you desire to accelerate the bleach, remove the trays, wash the gel out, dry the trays with tissue paper, reload the trays, and replace them into your mouth for another hour.
5. After completing the bleaching procedure, place several drops of 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride gel into washed and dried trays and place the trays into your mouth for 5 minutes. This chemical must be provided to you by us, it will help lessen sensitivity. Some brands of bleach may have desensitizing chemicals already in them. Ask your dentist.
6. Rinse the trays with tap water after use, and tip them upside down to allow them to dry before the next use.
7. Discontinue bleaching if tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, or any other negative event occurs. Notify us of the problem immediately, and we will advise you.
You have observed, and we have recorded the color of your teeth at the initiation of bleaching. We will monitor the color changes with you and will advise you when the desired color change is obtained. The average time for optimum color change to occur is 1–3 weeks. Brown, orange, and yellow stains bleach faster and easier than blue or gray stains.
Yours Truly,
Ryan Boylan DDS
Be careful and obviously give me a call at either of my offices if you need anything at all or even if you have a question. (email me at
547-5105 in Great Bridge
405--7889 in Deep Creek
Also, please post if you try this and let me know how it worked for you.
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Awesome article a friend of mine was kind enough to forward to me about the future of dentistry that will include revolutionary nanobots and atomically precise manufacturing!
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