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GameStop will throw away what old games can't be fixed.
They won't reuse the parts. They will destroy them.
The actual prices of old games change constantly.
Stay away from this and support local businesses:

The Exchange (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana)

Game Swap (Greater Cincinnati Ohio area),-84.5143799,11z

MyGameSwap (St. Louis Mossuori)

Arcade Legacy (North of Cincinnati Ohio)

Vintage Stock in and near Oklahoma state

"Near you" searches
Retro gamers, rejoice! Vintage systems & games are now available on
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My local g2k holds on to them for me, then I donate a couple dollars to their gaming charity and they let me come by and pick them up. Though I do the same with GameStop displays. Fucking huge Splatoon poster is rad.
Why is it that almost every phone available today includes a "but" when you are considering buying one?

The year is 2015 and we still don’t have a perfect smartphone. I’d argue that there isn’t even a phone that is all that close to being perfect. I’m not saying that all of today’s phones are bad, because most are very, very good and you will probably be satisfied with whatever you choose. But every …
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Yeah... That micro USB on the X...
What if "The IT Crowd" was Stephen King's "The 'IT' Crowd"? 
Google's new router.
What does it do?
Does it do things?
Let's find out.
One router to rule them all.
Shop at the Google Store for Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, Android Wear, Chromecast, Nest, plus a selection of accessories.
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"When performing the song on television, Mark Volman commonly "played" a different instrument not present in the song for each appearance. On Ed Sullivan he "played" a trumpet, on the Smothers Brothers a piano, and on others a French horn. This could be seen as a wink to the audience that they were lip-syncing, a common practice for 1960s television."

Please explain the woompy thing? 
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+Ryan Young kek, it's fine. 
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Tfw I realized that last post I reshared probably showed up on Twitter making me look like I'm a parent. I'm not. 
Very proud of my daughter today.

I took my kids to their elementary school to ride their bikes and found their newly remodeled playground completely trashed. Garbage everywhere, broken glass, shrapnel from exploded canisters, cigarette butts, a knife, and much more.

Now, my children start school on Monday and not the town nor the regional education board has done anything to keep their playground clean and safe.

My 9-year-old daughter was so distraught at the condition of her playground and very concerned for the safety of her classmates that she refused to leave it looking the way it was.

So... Instead of spending her last weekend (before having to go back to school) playing and having fun, she decided to grab some gloves and clean up her school's playground (with my help of course).

I can't fully convey the pride I'm feeling as a father and how very disgusted I am with my town and the degenerates who would vandalize and endanger the playground of young children.

With the millions of dollars being spent on the renovation of this school, it's sad that a lone 9-year-old is the only one who cares enough to keep it clean and safe.

I can't believe my kids would have had to start school on Monday with their playground in the condition it was. Right now I'm ashamed of my town, but proud of my daughter.

(we had cleaned up a lot before taking any pictures so you could only imagine what it looked like)

The last of the pictures are of the playground after we were done cleaning it.

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I really like Star Wars and all, but is this nessicary?
Bucket list just got longer. A must for any star wars fan.
Agree or disagree?

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🎵 If there's something strange...
in our great sea...
Who ya gonna call?!
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Ship busters
Today was a very productive day.
I refreshed my brother's laptop, and reorganized my GTA V mods to make them work again to keep him busy while I made a recovery image for his computer.

Then I stored that on a flash drive and bought a faster sd card for my N3DS, and managed to get my 32gb card back into my phone while still managing to increase the storage of my sister's 3DS from 4GB to 16GB. The speed on her's stayed the same though. 

Ryan Young (Citrus Rain)

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all My Money's on MarshMallow.
that bit at the end where they were painting an android torso Made Me realize how easy it would be to Make a statue for MarshMallow.
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I have gone here my whole life. No other barbershop is this familiar. Alan, Karla, and Anne are very friendly and nice to talk to. And they give the best haircuts.
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Far better than expected. I went in looking for reasons to complain about due to what I had heard about a different Golden Corral location. I only found 2 things to complain about: when waiting to be seated, the waitresses stand 10 feet away in a crowd and wave silently, assuming you are looking in that direction (seating is both left and right of the entrance). The other thing is I feel like they don't worry about the bottoms of the plates as much when washing / drying. Food was great though. Nothing went wrong.
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