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GameStop will throw away what old games can't be fixed.
They won't reuse the parts. They will destroy them.
The actual prices of old games change constantly.
Stay away from this and support local businesses:

The Exchange (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana)

Game Swap (Greater Cincinnati Ohio area),-84.5143799,11z

MyGameSwap (St. Louis Mossuori)

Arcade Legacy (North of Cincinnati Ohio)

Vintage Stock in and near Oklahoma state

"Near you" searches
Retro gamers, rejoice! Vintage systems & games are now available on
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Not buy them... I don't know. But probably not destroy what can be used as salvage for something else!
I knew it would be fake because I trust the modding community to be good enough to use those removed files well.
Update: Rumored Dr. Mario stage for Super Smash Bros. confirmed fake:

#SmashBros #WiiU #3DS
A virus-filled Dr. Mario stage could be making its way to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U if a new batch of leaked images is to be believed.
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Ryan Young (Citrus Rain)

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Okay, I loved this movie as a kid. I still have no issues everyone has with it.
Time to find out.
My second minecraft house I ever created.
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Ryan Young (Citrus Rain)

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I think I punched a butterfly once. I had no idea what I did, or that there was a butterfly, but there was an explosion.

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When I got my New 3DS XL, I found that Youtube was actually useful on it, and I actually began to use the app.
Then this interface appeared on it around the time of Google I/O. It was confusing, the icons were unlabeled and I couldn't remember what was what by the time they loaded. Picking youtube videos that I could normally get to from my watch history or subscriptions now required me to search for them. But when I would hit enter on the 3DS keyboard, it didn't search. I had to hit an invisible search button that was very VERY close to the X to remove my tedious typing. (And I only figured that out by chance.)
After just a few days of trying to continue using my 3DS for youtube, I gave up and moved the icon into a folder of 3DS apps that I don't have a use for.

Because I have already experienced this redesign, I know what I'm doing by disabling auto-updates on my phone.

Ironically, at the same time that you broke the 3DS youtube, you gave the Youtube Leanback on my Amazon Fire TV the wonderful upgrade it needed to having material design and a hamburger menu and I have been using that ever since.

The previous layout with the hamburger menu is very useful. But this 3 tab thing repels me from caring to even try to watch Youtube.
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Yeah I don't get their hatred of hamburger menus lately makes no sense to me personally.
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I loled at the consecutive victories.
They added QR codes to the Miis being show for costumes representing characters like the Inklings and Chrom.
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I used to play on a server that had a modified version of this mod.
I don't know how modified it was, but an enderman would deliver your mail to whoever you wanted. The modded mod was called enderpost.
Allows creation of text note items and sending of letters to players no matter if they're online or offline. The letters are delivered by postmen at intervals specified in the config file, and letters can be stored and handled as any other item for later reading. We wanted something that not ...
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Either way, I uncovered a question I was always wondering about, but the site I finally found my answer on might be gone soon. So I made sure if I googled it I'd find this post.
During the N64 days, whenever someone tried 1P mode for the first time, I'd always have to warn them about pikachu.

Because it killed every newbie.
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I have gone here my whole life. No other barbershop is this familiar. Alan, Karla, and Anne are very friendly and nice to talk to. And they give the best haircuts.
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Far better than expected. I went in looking for reasons to complain about due to what I had heard about a different Golden Corral location. I only found 2 things to complain about: when waiting to be seated, the waitresses stand 10 feet away in a crowd and wave silently, assuming you are looking in that direction (seating is both left and right of the entrance). The other thing is I feel like they don't worry about the bottoms of the plates as much when washing / drying. Food was great though. Nothing went wrong.
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