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Cottonwood Pass

Cottonwood Pass rises to about 12,000ft., and I was scrambling to get up to this ridgeline for this photo. I parked my truck and ran up the ridge and tried to find something interesting to place in the foreground. After my original idea didn't pan out, I walked down the ridge a little ways and started firing away.

#mondaymountain curated by +Michael Russell
#naturemonday curated by +Rolf Hicker and +Jen Baptist
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Stunning photo. The colors are amazing.
Thanks, it was quite an amazing sunset!
super picture. like it in all terms: colors, composition, everything!
Sometimes I get caught up needing some cool foreground, but I think you landed a great shot here!
I know what you mean +Eric Leslie, it can definitely be hard to find something to place in the foreground. This was one of those that it worked out "just" have the leading lines. Thanks for the comment!
photo and color. magnificent
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