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I got 4 photos up in a gallery called "The Downtown Woodshop" in Gunnison, CO last weekend. I got them up just in time for the gallery to host an event for USA Pro Cycling Challenge (the Queen stage is going through Gunnison this summer). I'm very happy with how the prints look.

Prints include:
20x30" Acrylic Face Mount of "Lake McDonald Sunset"

16x24" Acrylic Face Mount of "Isabelle"

20x30" Canvas of "Fairy Dust"

16x24" Canvas of "Trail to the Galaxies"
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+Ryan Wright only the Galaxies link worked for me, the rest gave me a page not found. Not sure if its just me or anyone else is having the same trouble...
Thank you +Michael Henasey, I didn't quite link those photos right. I should really get better than this whole internet thing ;)
No problem +Ryan Wright. Things change so quickly on these social sites its a wonder anything works at all!
dang dude it is so sharp it looks fake! I love those Acrylic Prints
+Ryan Johnson haha, good eye! Lil' composite I put together of those prints, they weren't up when I was there!
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