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I think it's kind of hilarious I'm getting shit from the dev team that made Carbon (the Twitter client). First the lead dev bitches up a storm on G+ and deletes it, now some "other guy" on the team (though he isn't always up front about that) tries to fuck with me on Twitter and deletes his post a few minutes later. Yet it's +Android Police that is being "childish" for posting an honest review? We talked this over, and I'm not the only one that feels this way about Carbon.

Duders: I'm sorry I didn't like your app (this is not a real apology). It just isn't very good when you compare it to all the other clients out there. That's a bummer, but fixing your app would be a better use of your time than bitching up a storm at me.

Edit: to be clear, this "other guy" has been popping up in AP comments and on Twitter claiming to be on the Carbon team. He was also promoting Carbon pretty heavily on his Twitter feed. The Carbon dev (see below) says this guy is not involved with the project. We don't delete comments at AP and I don't see where the real dev shut the other guy down (not saying he didn't try). So maybe the "other guy" is just a liar-pants. Read that section of this post with skepticism.

Double edit: Okay, the real "Other Guy" pinged us and made clear that he wasn't the one in our comments claiming to be on the Carbon team. He asked that I take his name out, so I have because he wasn't directly involved. It was just a misunderstanding because some random guy was pretending to be him, or was just pasting his twitter handle around for some reason. Yeah, it makes no sense. He just sent some tweets that he regretted that happened to show up right when the real dev was posting his shitstorm. So he's not involved with Carbon, and as near as I can tell he didn't actually claim to be. The situation with the original dev stands
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