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I feel a little foolish buying a $60 phone charger, but I just think wireless charging is so damn neat. I have a few Qi chargers around and all of them have some minor flaw that bugs me. High hopes for this one. 

I actually wore out the USB connection on my Gnex, so I'd like to stick to wireless this time around if at all possible. Even the imperfect solutions I have now are pretty cool.
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While I agree, $60 for a charger sounds silly, if it could last longer than half the chargers I use now that break in a few months, it would be worth the investment.

That being said, if the next Nexus doesn't also work with this, Google will have failed on a pretty massive level.
+Eric Ravenscraft Considering Google's history with pogo pins, I'm not feeling confident. Oh well, this is a "work expense." 
The WPC had a few Qi chargers in the press lounge at CES this year. When I set my N4 on one the guy sitting at the table looked up and said "cool, you're the first one"

It was the last day of the show.

I think Qi is an amazing idea, but until the tech is either worth including with the device or built into the table at Starbucks I'm leery about its adoption long term. 
+Ryan Whitwam i went with the one directly from LG for $30. Got it off amazon. I see no reason to pay more for the same result. The orb is super cool though. But as +Russell Holly said I'm worried about the long term adoption. But as you said I would hate to burn my N4 port out too.

+Eric Ravenscroft if it doesn't work with the next Nexus I'll pack this thing up with chunky peanut butter and send it next day to Matias Duarte himself lol
I'm pretty sure my wife will be happy with the comment I'm about to write.

I think that $60 will go in the kids college fund. I just can't pay that for a gimmicky charger when I got one for free with my Nexus 4.
Take heed +Ryan Whitwam, someday you may have a wife and she will question every penny you have ever spent and will call you to the carpet for this purchase!!!!   
+Marty Ballard Haha. I'm happily married, actually. She's very understanding of my eccentricities. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go blow some money on a dozen Android vinyl mini figurines and then watch reruns of Star Trek on Netflix until I fall asleep on the couch. 

I do love that woman.
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