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There are times I almost think I could use a Chromebook most of the day. I use Google services for almost everything. If even I can't find a justification for the Pixel, there is something wrong. 
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Google finally pulled an Apple.  It was inevitable i think.
+Kevin Roman This is actually less useful in almost every way than an Apple product, sadly. Give me $1,300 and a choice between this and the comparable Macbook, and I'll buy the Macbook. And I don't even use Macs. 
It's not worth the price for a high resolution browser os
I was thinking "I wonder if a Chromebook would suit my mom's purposes. All she does is gossip on Facebook, play browser games and watch Netflix. Seems like these would be harder for her to mess up than a PC.  These things are cheap, right?" NOT THIS ONE! D:
+Ryan Whitwam I'd buy this over a Macbook Air since I'd be dual booting Linux on either. The specs on the Pixel are superior to the Air.
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