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Ryan Wenneker
I build Networks, better Teams, and Awaken Purpose and Passion. (oh, and I validate parking)
I build Networks, better Teams, and Awaken Purpose and Passion. (oh, and I validate parking)

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One of the most beautiful ensembles of this Song I've heard.

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Looking at Fan Films like this one, are we looking at the new way to Tryout for the role in movies?

It's done very well, and full credit for a splendid cast ensemble. 

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EMOT-i-can  Wear.

Recently Google/Motorola announced this:

A throat mic, or subaudible microphone. Which would be essentially a 'neck tatoo' that would pick up your voice more easily than the current system, which often has to filter out ambient background noises.

One caveat.  they included galvanic response.  Which, briefly, means tension, stress, and anxiety. 


A little band that helps you connect with, you. Just through a remote device, wireless.  

That's right, on your wrist a personal device for monitoring your agility, stress and heart rate. Tie in an app to monitor that, a you have a great little tool to help .... whom?

Both of these devices and applications seem to have a troubling feature.  The information, its not for the user - its for someone else.

Are you lying?  Attracted? Homicidal?
What about at your place of work?  Are you not challenged enough (target heart rate and galvanic skin results indicate that you are slacking off.  perhaps overworked? or just not _fit_ting in?

Its a new concept in intrusions into even unspoken matters of privacy, one we'll need laws to protect, and proactively.


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Celebrating technology pioneer.  +Ada Lovelace 

Thank you for being a model for up an coming tech geek goddesses (and gods).

You rock.
Today in Geek History: Happy Ada Lovelace Day! Thank you, female code & tech monkeys, for being awesome!

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Dumpster Diving becomes cool... (?!)

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Google has been excellent as a digital first responder. 

Following the F5 that struck Joplin, Google had a help /contact service.  After the, Boston Bombing - they had a find your loved one service.  

Thanks google.
AND thanks to the IRL first responders -- brave men and women helping people gather their loved ones, and collect their lives.
For those impacted by the devastating tornado in Oklahoma today, Google Crisis Response has published a map with traffic, shelters, weather and other useful information:

#ok #okwx #moore
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