1st off, ok - a redundant or overly specific bill that only hems in a right... not always the best cause to advocate in legislature.

I think that the issue SHOULD be if an employer can use their own network packet sniffing to access your account information...

its their network, and you are most likely sending it in clear text ... thoughts?
Here we go. Another shining example of the United States Government being luddites & completely out of touch with technology and personal property. This WILL result in discrimination, there is no question about that.

I propose that as elected public servants, every member of congress and other branches of government hand over all their Facebook & Twitter passwords to US and let us look in their priviate affairs. They are also "interviewing" for jobs when up for election and citizens of the United States. Fair is fair.

EDIT: Of course now we as Americans will need protection as currently employed people not to have our bosses ask for our Facebook passwords "Hey give me your Facebook password so I can look at all your stuff and find something to fire you over."

I demand all of Congress' passwords right now.
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