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Quick question for you guys. Is there an easy way to update coreboot on Stumpy? Currently running FULL_ROM install and just have Ubuntu on there. I noticed there have been some updates to coreboot since I originally installed and some fixes for Stumpy.

I went to upgrade my ubuntu updates (i.e. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade) and a few others thing that required a reboot... and ran into my issue with it not booting again. So frustrating (see older comments here: I've just been turning it on and off in hopes of it working before. I gotta get a replacement server in the future, I can't not be able to reboot. I know this isn't your fault either prob just a faulty thing on my box. Will just keep turning it on and off till it goes.

Hey there, I was looking for help to get past this issue I'm having with my Samsung Series 3 chromebox (Stumpy i5 from Google I/O)

I saw this community is seemingly quite active and was wondering if there was any help that could be provided.

I had the Stumpy originally dual-booting chrome OS / Ubuntu 12.04. I was trying to compile new kernel modules to support CIFS/SMB/NFS but alas had failed. I ended up putting ubuntu in an unbootable state causing me to be unable to switch the flag to boot into Chrome OS again.

Basically ended up wiping the thing with Chrome OS recovery, but it has been unsuccessful in passing with two separately formatted USB drives (Sandisk / Kingston). Now the whole thing is borked, I can't boot into anything and recovery will not succeed. I even tried formatting the mSata drive in Ubuntu (another computer) and giving it ago and does not work. I grabbed the recovery.log files from the thumb drive and keep seeing this problem:

Execution failed (255): flashrom -p host --fast-verify -w bios.bin -i RW_SECTION_A
Erasing and writing flash chip... Verifying flash... FAILED

More here:

Is there any possible way to boot a modified recovery USB to put anything on it? I was even open to flashing seabios or anything of a modified firmware, but I can only find instructions on flashing it from Chrome OS and not from boot.

Any takers? Thanks for your time

+Wayne Piekarski If I have a consistent problem in Auto that I'd like to report whom can I share the concern with? I tried through the play store but never heard anything. It's a consistent problem with a specific podcast every single week.

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First time in six? years I won't be at Google I/O. Will be missing my friends out there. Always great just to see people and get together out there.

Wearing one of my favorite I/O shirts in spirit and donating blood in the meantime

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Scored this Gobi Stealth rack off craigslist this weekend. So stoked.

#Jeep #Gobi

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Shot this during our recent snowstorm that we just got. The 1080@120fps is mighty nice.

#dji   #phantom  +DJI  #gopro  +GoPro

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Google Glass Foundry 3 years ago

It was almost exactly 3 years ago today that I met +Michael Evans​​​​​ and +Jacob Hilker​​​​​ at the Google Glass foundry and collaborated on a winning project idea for Glass. Was a fantastic weekend meeting people along with getting to hang out with +Sarah Price​​​​​, +Timothy Jordan​​​​​, +Salil Pandit​, +Alain Vongsouvanh​​​​​​, +Jenny Tong​​​​​, +Peter Teoh​​​​​, +Peter Ng​​​​​, +Brad Parks​​​​​, +Shane Conder​​​​​, +Noble​​​​​, and +Joseph Cappellino​​

Happy I still see/interact on occasion with you guys. While Google Glass may be a little on the down low as of lately, it's great having met all you guys.

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We didn't get the blizzard here in New England, but doesn't mean I didn't get some skiing done! 

Played Settlers of Catan for the first time last night. Was pretty great. Way different than I originally had thought.

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Systemless Nexus 5x root 6.0.0 -> 6.0.1

Dirty flash factory image, reflash TWRP, Apply SuperSUBeta v2.61 for automated boot image patching
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