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Ryan Walmsley
Computer Programmer (Learning PHP And Bash), Minecraft Player :D
Computer Programmer (Learning PHP And Bash), Minecraft Player :D

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So Problem is:
Company site is split into two main parts. A semi used blog which is mainly used for hosting documentation so I can't really get rid of it.

Company shop is on subdomain 

Google thinks that is a sub section and not a web store.

Can't merge together due to shopify forcing its own link styles along with the documentation requiring the same links otherwise complaints about not being able to get instructions.


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So a bit of a debate.

How much extra would you pay for Made in the UK Over anywhere else in the world? 

I'm currently developing a new product and was wondering if its worth trying an non UK manufacture for my kits. It may be cheaper or may not without me getting quotes.

But how much extra would you happily pay for it to be made in the UK?

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Today +Blackpool LUG I made a robot using my Raspberry Pi and a RyanTeck LTD motor control board :) Very chuffed :)

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I've now completed the first draft of my guide to designing and building a +Raspberry Pi  based robot vehicle.

It's based around the Magician robot chassis with a Raspberry Pi driving the electronic motors using an easy to build electronic circuit.

It's low cost, easy to make and lots of fun.

#robot #maker #electronics #raspberrypi  

Would like some advice, for the Robot Kit's I will be creating documentation and providing them on-line for free but I had the idea about possibly making a DVD with it all downloaded already. Thoughts? The cost of a DVD is a LOT LOT cheaper than a SD Card or any type of flash media. 

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