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Are you left or right brained?

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I am in the middle, I am analytic, yet passionate. 
I`m Right........ 100% all the way through...   lolololol :)
I am both! As is everyone else in life. I love this picture but we need to quite cornering ourselves into one definition in life or the other! Could be one reason politics is so divided these days. 
Very left-brained, but, I've learned to use them together... let the right-brain think up something imaginative and then use the left to make it make sense.
Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain was one of most influential books I've read on the topic of creativity.
I think I am a mix of both. I am capable of analytical thinking, but I am also a writer.
Right and southpaw as well. However, I have learned to use my left for a minimum of 40 hours a week, as this is the one most likely to get paid.
Right, definitely..........but what's amazing is my son is both!  I love it!
Right brained, with chunks of the left thrown in.
Right brained (however left brained when it comes only to: practical, strategy, realistic ;) ).
I'm mostly left, but sometimes the right side reaches over, taps the left side, and says "Hey! I'm here too, you know!"
I must be right brained because the left brain left the room long time ago.
the part that doesn't do anything until the payroll office shows up, um, back & to the left.
I'd have to say I lean right but am truly a comboBrain ;)
I'm ambidextrous too, but my right side is more dominate, and a lot more fun -er  :P
Both. I happen to share a lot from both sides on my day to day and over all interests.
Right! <3 (Who says that gray matter must be gray?)
Left brain!!! Must be why I'm on the right politically lol
I am 70% right and 30% left... well 28%.. seems i may have mis-placed a few brain cells along the way!
Right brain..but a little left as well........did you know we only use 10% of our brain....just imagine if we could use the rest
i'm both sides...well depending on the mood i'm in !
Im definatly left, checked last year in bio, one of the highest on the scale in the class :p
I did an essay of this about 4 months ago & used this exact pic. I'm right sided with a little of the left. But I definitely favor the right the most.
Always been righty, with the occasional leaning to the left as the moon shifts. :)
100% Right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
Definitely RIGHT brained, spontaneous all the way!
k you actually checked i just knw im one of them
Well my right hand is broken fell the other day and broke it in 3 places only hairline fractures.
Nice picture, but the whole left-brain/right-brain thing was debunked years ago.
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