Day 100/366

Continuing on with the recounting of my trip,

The Archway leading into Chinatown apparently has a story behind it. My friend +Daniel Gregory wrote a bit about it over at his blog, He also posted some images of the archway in different light. It's a good read and i suggest heading over and checking it out. So after dinner at the BBQ joint, i ran out with a tripod and went to take some long exposure shots, I wanted to capture the intensity of the colors and the motion of the traffic. Also this helped to remove the people from the shot. As long as they were moving they would be invisible to my sensor. I was still in the "Experimental" mindset, not wanting to do what i was seeing done around me I wanted to make a unique image.

So for this shot, it was a composite of a couple of different exposures, I embraced the chaos and texture of Chinatown and tried to retain that in the image. I love the streaking of the headlights, and the flares from the streetlights, i also layered a couple of different textures to capture my vision for this shot.
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