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Looking forward to a Google+ Lightroom plugin....
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lol... come one it would make it so easy to publish photos! Right now exporting into jpg and then uploading them is a pain, which is why I've just been linking through to Flickr.
Upload to picassa. All your albums show up in the app as well as the web version.
+Emanuel Holhos-Vaida, +Ryan Sullivan I am using this plugin for couple years, last year switched to paid version, works very very well! It does not upload pic using google+ process, but uses picasaweb api instead. Meaning, that uploaded pic will not appear automatically in your google+ stream. To put it there you have to click on a pic in album, and choose - Share. As a side-effect of using picasaweb API for upload - pic is not resized automatically (as it would in google+ upload), so, you technically can upload much bigger resolution then standard free google+ 2048x2048.
I´m also using Jeffrey Friedl's excellent plugin. But it has a very confusing interface. I would like to see and embedded Google made Google+ photos plugin in next Lightroom 3.6. With auto sync feature, like picasa desktop.
Really need it!
And need it wo work painless like the facebook export. That to-picasa-and-then-share-on-profile-crap is not better than manually uploading them - imho.
Hi I love plugin for picassa as well as picassa itself. But there is a limit for upload 1GB, which google+ does not have. So I hope google+ plugin will appear soon :-)
Fortunatelly Google has not end the picaweb interface. It´s not clean and cool as Google+ photos, but is far more powerful.
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