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Beer, Outdoors, and the web.
Beer, Outdoors, and the web.

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Posted some shots I took from the Blimey That's Bitter launch at one of our (many) Ballard breweries on Friday. I'm bringing a bottle to SF in March to go head to head with Pliney the Elder.

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I've been working on a new blog the past month covering all the breweries in my neighborhood. It's been fun to get back to blogging, and it's tough to go wrong with writing about beer. 

I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 1010101101101101011010

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Just finished pushing my mini-project from Adobe's shutdown (the company was off last week). I'm moving over to a Jekyll-based blog system hosted on Github. I started the week reading Stephen Hay's book on responsive design ( and then took that and used Edge Reflow and Edge Code to build out a (mostly) responsive blog system using Jekyll. 

The results definitely aren't designer-pretty, but I don't pretend to be one. The benefit is that this is all static HTML which means it's easy to start playing with new stuff like SASS or CSS transitions/animations. Plus it's all hosted on Github and I get to write all of my blog posts in Markdown. Winning all around.

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Hmm. Halo and Lindsey Stirling. Pretty badass combo.
For the Halo fans (and any +Lindsey Stirling fans who were unaware this was coming out today).

Having never played Halo, I have no idea how this arrangement compares to the actually in-game music (Halo fans, feel free to chime in with comparisons).

According to the behind-the-scenes video (linked to the medley video), the guys in the Halo suits flew in from all across the country to participate in this.  That's pretty cool.

#Halo #LindseyStirling  

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The Sneak +Lee Brimelow put together for +Brackets at MAX. Well worth watching the entire thing!
Check out this video of my responsive design tool for Adobe Brackets. This is what I partially showed last week during the  #MAXSneaks .

Please leave me your feedback in the comments.

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This is a travesty. Not because Seattle isn't getting a team, but because the NBA has been able to hold tax payers in another city hostage. This came down to the NBA owners not wanting to jeopardize the hundreds of millions they get in public subsidies from tax payers who are forced to foot the bills for the arenas.

The Hansen/Ballmer deal relied on private money for their stadium while the city of Sacramento is going to pony up on order of 200+ million dollars in public cash to keep the team there. Of course the owners and David Stern didn't want that gravy train to stop. So despite a proposal that was more money, included the highest relocation fee ever, and had an arena deal that was all set, the NBA owners voted for a shakier deal that included a major burden on the taxpayers of Sacramento. 

Thought the multiple device preview in Android Studio was kind of cool. Got me thinking it would be awesome if we could do that with +Brackets /Edge Code where Live Preview works across all of those previews. 

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I didn't know this was coming!
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