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Bossolalia: incomprehensible gibberish spouted by management to disguise their incompetence. Most intense after returning from seminars or meetings with consultants.

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Ironically doing this through the mobile website since I uninstalled g+ on my phone as part of a newsfeed diet. Supremely good tips all around. The author's recent interview with Sam Harris was also fantastic.

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I'm surprised this isn't receiving more widespread attention... I guess because it requires you to actually do something instead of just hitting frowny face. Anyway, please leave a comment at and also forward to anyone likely to do so. Note that comments appear to be anonymous!

Here's what I wrote:

"I am completely against removing or reducing the Clean Power Plan regulations. Not only will these regulations literally save thousands of lives, anthropogenic climate change is the most pressing issue facing both the US and the entire planet today. It is of critical importance that the US, as a substantial greenhouse gas emitter, demonstrate its willingness to reduce these emissions to encourage other countries to follow suit. As well, air-polluting industries such as coal must not be allowed to externalize the health and climate costs they create, borne directly by innocent US citizens who happen to live near polluting industries, and indirectly by all of us in the form of increased health care costs and Medicaid payments by state and federal government. The coal industry is a shrinking legacy industry that is already smaller than clean renewable energy production, and to prioritize it over the health of our citizens and our economy, not to mention that of the entire human race, is utterly perverse and short-sighted."

I just heard of wasm a few weeks ago and it's already live in the latest versions of firefox and chrome! A very different way of delivering code on the web (and another bad benchmark opportunity I guess). For general web stuff, one of the biggest advantages is how much faster it is to parse wasm vs javascript. We might see web frameworks transition to a wasm compilation phase for that reason alone.

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I know that designing dimmable LED bulbs must be a huge PITA given the various ways new and old dimmers work (nobody uses a straight rheostat anymore). Here's a kind of reverse issue of that - all our crazy modern electronically switched systems pulling juice using very irregular waveforms, confusing the power meters. I miss the old whirling disc meters, the modern smart meters give basically no useful information to the homeowner.

Why do I feel like ESR's announcement he's rejoining python-dev is more of a warning than an introduction. Not looking forward to more bullshit from that asshole.

Your search - chalupadrome - did not match any documents.

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I'm glad MaxMind are being so responsible about fixing the issue. Interesting solution, to put coordinates in the middle of bodies of water. Obviously wrong and nobody lives there! Also a nice update about the lost phone house - the only place with wifi in the area so any device nearby thinks it's right there. I figured it would be something like that.

I wonder how much of our body heat comes from exothermic gut bacteria activity?

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Yet another "algorithmic" social network suicide. I really like the metaphor of self driving cars as the attention economy equivalent of fracking.
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