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(xpost from FB) If you know someone that has an in-between stache, now is the time to give them your support.

Lot of folks laugh and ask how growing a stache helps raise money. I would argue it is as challenging as a charity fun run. It starts with raising awareness. Consider your Prostate Cancer awareness raised.

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First hour ever spent trying to photo edit and first post to Reddit...

And yes, I'm pretty proud of my work.

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One of Romney's houses is in La Jolla.

Scumbag America: Ruined by financial fraud of plutocracy...

...finds richest crony possible to run for POTUS

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Greatest news of my 5.5 year career!

well Holy Shnikes. The Research Works Act would deny taxpayers access to federally funded research. +Scientific American -

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I support Ron Paul for peace. Yes, he has some undesirable positions, but Obama's are worse in my opinion, and I voted for him in 2008.

Obama just signed the NDAA, declaring America a "battlefield" and allowing indefinite detention of Americans without trial (ACLU), we still have Bush's policies/wars (Patriot Act & Iran war build-up), still have Citizens United, and his billion in campaign funds means he ain't changing.

2012, Let's bring real change. I am anti-war, pro-due-process, pro-transparency, anti-Fed, anti-Wall-Street-bailout, and an anti-Drug-War advocate.

In 2012, I won't just vote for change. I will be an agent of change. The REVOLUTION is now. 

Is this for real? Why has no other outlet picked it up yet?

CNN edits Ron Paul interview to make it look like he stormed off, but the interview was actually over. CNN just cut out the middle part?

Uncut Ron Paul Interview - CNN Gloria Borger

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