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Ryan Shovey (CreepyCoolPictures)
A filmmaker changing the world, one kick-ass movie at a time.
A filmmaker changing the world, one kick-ass movie at a time.


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This week, The Creepy/Cool Podcast is coming to get you, Barbara! We dive into George Romero's amazing classic Night of the Living Dead and dicuss whether it not only holds up, but is also relavant to the current social climate! Check it out in the link below, and let us know your thoughts!

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Sometimes, in the wreckage of the world around us, we gotta stop and take in the beauty within the horror... just like in Pan's Labyrinth!

Check out the latest episode of the podcast in the link below! What are your thoughts? Let's discuss!

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Blue moon, you saw me standing alone, while my buddy, Jack, was eaten by a werewolf!

This week on the podcast, we explore An American Werewolf in London!!!

What are your thoughts? Let's discuss!

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The show must go on -

Today we released my favorite episode yet! Lon Chaney, Jr, Claude Rains, The Wolf Man!!! Easily one of my top three favorite movies of all time! We have a great chat about why it holds up and what makes it an amazing piece of film history to be proud of as horror filmmakers!

Do you agree? Let's discuss!!!

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Before heading out to see the AWESOME Doctor Strange, make sure you check out some AMAZING Scott Derrickson's horror films!

Today's podcast is all about the creepy Deliver Us From Evil!
What are your thoughts?

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Oh, it's a Scott Derrickson Double Header in anticipation for Doctor Strange!

First up, we talk about the uber creepy Sinister!

What are your thoughts on this scary movie?

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Hey, guess what.... we totally just released our latest podcast talking all about how rad Halloween III: Season of the Witch for all of your Halloween needs and desires! It's a fun one!!

Are you a fan? Let's discuss!!!

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Do you like Halloween II? We like Halloween II!!!

Check it out in our first installment of our Halloween Double Feature on The Creepy/Cool Podcast!

New episodes every Wednesday (and, right now Fridays!!)!

Subscribe on iTunes!

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Hey amazing horror fans! We just released our new episode of The Creepy/Cool Podcast talking all about Pet Sematary!

Check it out below, and definitely join in the conversation! Let us know what you think of the movie, correct us on anything, or just geek out with us!

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Hey horror fans and friends! We recently started a podcast talking all about horror films and dispelling the nasty rumor that Horror is not legitimate art in the film community. It's called the Creepy/Cool Podcast. We're having a blast going through classic, amazing horror films and just geeking out about every aspect of what makes them amazing still to this day.

We are both horror film makers, and really LOVE talking about horror flick almost as much as making them. I wanted to share our latest episode where we talk about 1988's The Blob! A new episode is released every Wednesday and Friday. We're also on iTunes if that's your flavor. Search for The Creepy/Cool Podcast.

Thanks again! Enjoy, and definitely join in the discussion!
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