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Ain't it the truth, though...
Here's an FB LOL for your Tuesday Morning Enjoyment!  =)  
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+Chris Lau I simply labeled it as "you know who they are" I was going to say "you know who you are" but that would get all those drama queens yelling at me assuming I meant them LOL!
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Ryan Schultz

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The battle of the voice assistants heats up...
Cortana is the newest member of the virtual assistant family, so we thought we'd get the whole crew together for a chat. Turns out getting a sit-down between Siri, and Google Now is not only funny, but also a great glimpse at how the world will work after the machines finally take over.
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Ryan Schultz

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Our awesome universe...
"Alone" by Georgos Tsamakdas:
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weird stars - where is this ?
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Ryan Schultz

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Eldorado, a low-budget British horror film with a cast including Peter O'Toole, Daryl Hannah and Sylvester McCoy, was beyond bad. But why did it land its director in jail?
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Yikes!  This is almost Star Wars Holiday Special caliber.  I think everyone would be too dumbfounded to riff. :D
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Ryan Schultz

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A handy guide to spotting bad science (best viewed large):
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#12 is a negation of itself. It stands as "something you should look for" but then proceeds to remind the reader that, even if you find it published, it doesn't mean much. I think there was yet another recent scandal involving journals being less than critical of incoming papers generated by a nonsense generator, written for the express purpose of befuddling and perhaps flattering the journals.
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Ryan Schultz

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Yeah I think I'm going to take a bit of a break from the internet. Maybe a whole twenty four hours😉. Spend some time exploring this concept they call reality, as depressing as it can be sometimes. Maybe, God forbid, do a little vacuuming.
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Internet breaks are not only wonderful, but necessary! (for me anyhow;) Enjoy it, beautiful souled one!!!
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Some excerpts from a recent Google+ Hangout with Vint Cerf, the Father of the Internet (plus a link to the full video if you're interested).
A talk about the Internet with one of the guys who invented it. Watch the highlights from our recent #VintCerfHangout:
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The Architect.
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Ryan Schultz

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For those of you who live in balmier climates, a quick guide to the bane of Winnipeg's springtime -- Potholes. 
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Our problem is slightly different. When it gets rainy, the hills saturate and occasionally lose their grip. Landslides are usually small, but frustrating.
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Ryan Schultz

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Ever wonder how many other people use the same PIN as you? How many just gave up and used 1234? The heat map in this article is interesting, showing just how many people use birth dates and duplicated digits.
Thanks to +Jim Douglas's comment on my previous post, which revealed the source article for the cool PIN heat map. Sharing this link as a new post because the whole article is worth reading for its various analyses (you can crack 10% of PINs by guessing '1234', for example, or 20% with the five most popular codes, for example).
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That's amazing! I've got the same combination on my luggage!

…and now it's super nerdy.
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Ryan Schultz

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Beware, nightmare material ahead! ;-)
Apologies to my Russian friends but...dayum!
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Vic Gur
So, what's your point?
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Vegan/Vegetarian. Excellent breakfasts, get there early (8 is not too early). Great people watching, a real neighbourhood establishment.
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Good German food that really schmecks. Go for the lunch buffet on Sunday. Reservations recommended.
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