This evening I had the privilege of attending an art gallery opening in virtual reality. I put on my Oculus Rift VR headset and took out my Touch hand controllers and launched myself into the virtual social world called VRChat, where Infinity VR Art Gallery had an exhibit featuring over 70 works from artists around the world (photography, paintings and sculpture). Unfortunately, I was only able to take panoramic photos which leads to some distortion of the images, but here are three shots of the exhibit. Almost as fascinating as the works themselves were the wide variety of avatars VRChat users used to represent themselves! In the pictures you can see three avatars that were my favourites: a tiny Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, Timon the meerkat from the Lion King, and finally a celestial being of light with fireworks going off in his brain :-) it was all great fun and I can highly recommend a visit. To view the rooms you must download VRChat from please visit that site for more info on how to setup and run VRChat.

To see a video walk-through of the exhibit, go here:
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