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Glad to see #Indiana  and other States do this. Come on #Ohio  you're next!

#odot   #LeftLaneForPassing  
We have all been there, either as the red-faced person gripping the wheel muttering, "Just. Get. Out. Of. The. Left. Lane" or perhaps, as the oblivious driver happily tootling along, unaware at the...
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Go figure. I always thought that was the law anyway. Just figured it was poorly enforced.
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Ryan Schell

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Wow! This is pretty awesome of the Bengals. #GoodGuyBengals  sticking with a guy while he deals with watching his 4yr old daughter fight cancer.

Way to go +Cincinnati Bengals !
On the surface, the Bengals cutting defensive tackle Devon Still and putting him on the practice squad might appear to be a case of a team trying to salvage an underperforming draft pick. But there’s far more to Still’s story, and the Bengals’ willingness to stand by him. According to Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati…
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Ryan Schell

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This video is just AWESOME by #OKGo  !!! 

If you like #illusions you will like this!
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Ok go continues to do crazy simple but amazing videos. 
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Ryan Schell

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Now THIS would be awesome!

Please make it happen #CityOfCincinnati  ! Help drive innovation.

#GoogleFiber   #Cincinnati  
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+Jarred Sutherland maybe Cincinnati Bell being in debt is a good thing and +Google Fiber  will just buy them out (I've heard they actually like to come in and reclaim failed or failing FIOS rollouts) and sell their wireless spectrum to +T-Mobile so I can get some LTE in Cincinnati. Or better yet they keep it as some kind of package deal with their tv and internet. I trust +Google or Tmo to actually do something with these services waaaay more than I trust CB...
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Ryan Schell

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Get the latest #iOS  update as soon as you can. There is a major #applesecurityflaw  that could allow someone to see your private information while you are on a Public Wifi, even if the website is using a secure method of communication. +Google Chrome doesn't seem to be susceptible, so use that over #Safari  . Other apps are affected as well.

This is why I have a problem with the #AppleDontGetViruses  saying. Even though Apple does a very good job with securing their OS and devices, it also develops a false sense of protection against attacks when in reality they are still just as susceptible to them.
On Friday, Apple quietly released iOS 7.0.6, explaining in a brief release note that it fixed a bug in which "an attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS." That's the understated version. Another way to put it? Update your iPhone right now.
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It's been like this for around 16 months, how awesome is that!!?
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Ryan Schell

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Definitely one of the best features G+ offers and excited to see it become a standalone platform that is easy to use and setup for everyone. Unlimited Storage of photos at a higher resolution. Plus all the automatic cataloging, organizing, and search capabilities will make this a MUST install for everyone.

#GooglePhotos   #NeverLosePhotosAgain   #UnlimitedPhotoBackup   
Introducing the new Google Photos

Earlier today we announced Google Photos -- a new approach for storing and organizing your photos and videos, built from the ground up. Google Photos is a standalone app that gives you a home for all your photos and videos, helps you organize and bring your moments to life, and lets you share and save what matters.

If you want to give Google Photos a try, it will be available later today across Android, iOS and the web.

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Ryan Schell

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Well this just sounds AWFUL!!!

I don't mind other options for the sake of competition. As a #GoogleWallet  user I was kind of happy to see #ApplePay   come out purely for the hope of seeing more retailers offering the option of NFC payments. But what +CVS/pharmacy and +Rite Aid are doing blocking NFC payments, because of backing their own payment system is just low. Then when you read how they plan to deploy it and the information they plan to harvest, it only gets worse.

+Russell Holly has a nice overview of this payment system known as "CurrentC"

Long before Apple or Google drum up the kind of market share for anyone to have a serious conversation about ditching your physical wallet and living in a smartphone-only payment nirvana, dozens of [...]
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I don't get it 😕
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I was sent this comic from our VP of IT. 

Happy SysAdmin Day!

#sysadminday   #humor  
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We saw a few comics and posts yesterday celebrating #systemadministrator  day, +Ryan Schell - but this one takes the cake. Love #xkcd  and love this!
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Ryan Schell

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Very well explained video on the current state of the Internet and how #netneutrality  could be on it's way out the door. Because of companies like +Comcast +AT&T +Verizon Wireless +Time Warner Cable and the games they are playing.  
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Ryan Schell

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Amazing behind the scenes of the tech and effort it took to get original video.

Can you say remote controlled camera!?!

#nickgoepper #freestyleskiing #Redbull
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Ryan Schell

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It's this kind of stuff that is the reason so many people get upset at just the idea of +Comcast and +Time Warner Cable  merging (let alone it happening). It really is sad that these giant companies are so afraid of city backed fiber networks that they have to do all they can to prevent them. And the logic behind why only 5% were using Comcast's 105Mbps option is hilarious! Truly crippling innovation!

#monopoly   #lobbyist   #nocompetition  
Tired of your broadband internet service options? Join the club. Millions of us live in areas where there is little to no competition among broadband ISPs. You take the provider you've got and put ...
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+Aja Hemphill I do think CincyBell would get in the way of any Google Fiber option in Cincinnati unfortunately, but I really dont know how that bureaucracy works compared to the whole telephone lines monopoly. I actually think the #LawrenceburgIN  Area could be primed for it. Get money from the casinos, building a conference center, trying to lure businesses to the town. Has potential! 

But really I just hope Google is successful enough to shake up the industry the same way #Tmobile   has wireless.
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It's where I go to get the name brands I like. You have to spend a little time to find the clothes you are looking for. Somehow I always find something I like. It can be hard to find something when they are refreshing inventory, but people and service there is good too.
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Can't beat the Burger lunch special. Just a good quality burger.
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8 reviews
They're lunch specials are very good and filling. They seat large groups well too.
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Food and service is good. Prices are reasonable. Farmhouse Burger was different, but very good.
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Keep in mind because the burgers are so thick that it takes a little longer to get your food. But I have liked everything I've ordered here. Just wish I didn't always end up going on my lunch break so I could try the various/changing craft beers on tap.
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