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+Jarred Sutherland maybe Cincinnati Bell being in debt is a good thing and +Google Fiber  will just buy them out (I've heard they actually like to come in and reclaim failed or failing FIOS rollouts) and sell their wireless spectrum to +T-Mobile so I can get some LTE in Cincinnati. Or better yet they keep it as some kind of package deal with their tv and internet. I trust +Google or Tmo to actually do something with these services waaaay more than I trust CB...
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It's this kind of stuff that is the reason so many people get upset at just the idea of +Comcast and +Time Warner Cable  merging (let alone it happening). It really is sad that these giant companies are so afraid of city backed fiber networks that they have to do all they can to prevent them. And the logic behind why only 5% were using Comcast's 105Mbps option is hilarious! Truly crippling innovation!

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+Aja Hemphill I do think CincyBell would get in the way of any Google Fiber option in Cincinnati unfortunately, but I really dont know how that bureaucracy works compared to the whole telephone lines monopoly. I actually think the #LawrenceburgIN  Area could be primed for it. Get money from the casinos, building a conference center, trying to lure businesses to the town. Has potential! 

But really I just hope Google is successful enough to shake up the industry the same way #Tmobile   has wireless.
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Ryan Schell

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Oh no! This can't be good
Comcast, Time Warner confirms $45.2 billion merger
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Can we say Monoply???
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I'm gonna have to check this out. I cut the cord a few months back but getting a solid signal can be tough on certain channels. Usually I can supplement with Hulu but I'll just have to see what all their service entails. I do like that they have some kind of DVR service though. Very interesting
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Go check your Credit Card accounts and Bank accounts if you have shopped at a Target store in the past month.
If you've shopped at a Target store between Black Friday and December 15th, you need to know this:
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No bueno
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Amazing behind the scenes of the tech and effort it took to get original video.

Can you say remote controlled camera!?!

#nickgoepper #freestyleskiing #Redbull
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Get the latest #iOS  update as soon as you can. There is a major #applesecurityflaw  that could allow someone to see your private information while you are on a Public Wifi, even if the website is using a secure method of communication. +Google Chrome doesn't seem to be susceptible, so use that over #Safari  . Other apps are affected as well.

This is why I have a problem with the #AppleDontGetViruses  saying. Even though Apple does a very good job with securing their OS and devices, it also develops a false sense of protection against attacks when in reality they are still just as susceptible to them.
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It's been like this for around 16 months, how awesome is that!!?
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Only read about the #Comcast merger today and already seeing speed decreases like #TimeWarner . Suppose to have 50mbps down.

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Have to say I'm about to remove myself from the moto x community if I see another stupid post or comment about someone taking their moto x back and getting a nexus 5 just because Google sold Motorola today. Everyone just stop it! Your phone is still awesome and the same as yesterday. You have KitKat when most phones don't, and complaining because you don't have a point update that's only a couple months old. So PLEASE JUST STOP!
If you want to worry about a phone worry about your next one and which one that will be. THAT is where the uncertainty lies!

I am done now.

#lenovo #Motorola #motox #irrational
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agreed.. i love my moto x.. first phone i've had that i know will age well..
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Such an awesomely shot video by +Red Bull of +Nick Goepper stomping some very tough tricks!

#PerfectNorthSlopes   #Skiing   #Amazing  
This is why Nick Goepper Skis. Why do you?
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It's better to have loved and lost, than to have been bitten by an alligator.
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Food and service is good. Prices are reasonable. Farmhouse Burger was different, but very good.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Can't beat the Burger lunch special. Just a good quality burger.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
GREAT BURGERS! One of those hole in the wall place with great people running it that you always look for in a town.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
4 reviews
Keep in mind because the burgers are so thick that it takes a little longer to get your food. But I have liked everything I've ordered here. Just wish I didn't always end up going on my lunch break so I could try the various/changing craft beers on tap.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago