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Ryan Randels
Car Junky, Electronics Nerd, Photographer by Nature, Shadow Stalker (opposite of a Light Hunter)
Car Junky, Electronics Nerd, Photographer by Nature, Shadow Stalker (opposite of a Light Hunter)


Hey +MembershipWorks! Is there a simple way to copy existing events? Thanks, Ryan

Silly question I'm sure... how do we make a member's phone number on their profile's contact tab hidden by default? Thanks!

Hello, having an issue where all MW Wordpress shortcodes will present the user with "Loading..." and never renders the MW frame. The strange part is if the user clicks Refresh, it'll load everything exactly as expected.

We just launched the site and updated our DNS and also implemented SSL. For debugging I've disabled caching entirely with no resolution.

Example page:

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hello. We utilize MailChimp for all our newsletter integrations and maintaining all our lists. When a new member signs up, we would like to add them to a list, with the assignment of a specific Group. This isn't currently supported and we would love to see this integrated. Note that it's the group functionality that is missing at the moment. Thanks

Good morning! Quick question for the developers.

I hate actually editing a Wordpress Plugin's code for if the developers want to push an update to said plugin, we're forced to live with the outdated modified plugin or to re-write the modifications to the new update.

Are there any hooks available for a filter or action so we can create "child plugins" that hook into the MW WP plugin? I've digest your plugin code thoroughly and doesn't look like it's available. I guess I just wanted to confirm and see what MW's stance on modifying the plugin was for widget customization purposes... for example allowing us to serve a higher-resolution event image from your CDN.


+Kevin Barry , we're experiencing a conflict with one of our apps and Nova. Mind reaching out to me so I can get some details for resolution? Certainly don't want to be in conflict with your work!

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+Telluride Festival of Cars and Colors  just shared my shot from the gondola as +Corey Davis , +Bridget McKenna  and I descended upon downtown #Telluride last September. If you haven't heard about this event yet, keep your eyes on it. It's already being touted as the "Rocky Mountain Monterey Car Week". #CarsAndColors   #TFCC  
As we get our first brush with warm weather, we can't help but think of how beautiful #Telluride is in September! #TFCC   #CarsAndColors  
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Best thing I've seen in a while! #IBelieve  
Those Russian Dash Cams catch the craziest sh*t

Follow us for the scene's best media |

   #Supercars   #TieFighter   #StarWars   #TeamRevv   #ModLife   #PerfectLanding   #RussianDashCam   #Exoticcars   #Exotics  
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Happy Thanksgiving from #TeamRevv  !!
Roastin' Turkeys!! This is the best way we know how to say Happy Thanksgiving

Follow for all the best auto media you can handle. #TeamRevv   #ModLife   #Revv   #Aventador   #LBLW  
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