This is not a surprising result from this study originally published in Radiology.

There is no question that breast MRI is a very sensitive test for the detection of breast cancer...probably more sensitive than mammography in a lot of cases.

But it's significantly longer, requires an IV for contrast (newer techniques without contrast are being developed), and in the current system, and has a tendency to lead to more false positive biopsies (especially if not interpreted by a specially trained breast imaging radiologist who is an expert in breast MRI).

Overall however, all of these considerations are being appropriately addressed and I do believe that breast MRI is a very useful tool that is significantly underutilized (insurance hates paying for these and many doctors are understandably uncertain about how to best use this evolving technology).

In the future, however, there is no question in my mind that breast MRI will become part of the natural vocabulary in the educated patient and increasingly play a big role saving the women in our lives.

Ryan Polselli, M.D., Breast Imaging Radiologist

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