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Ryan Nel
Developer with a Passion for Security. Currently focusing heavily on mobile web applications.
Developer with a Passion for Security. Currently focusing heavily on mobile web applications.

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A great explanation of how the team from the university of Ghent won the Kaggle national data science competition.


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I'm fascinated by this stuff.

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Hatch Opening: International Space Station Expedition 41 | NASA
Sept. 25, 2014: About three hours after docking their Soyuz TMA-14M spacecraft to the International Space Station, Expedition 41/42 Soyuz Commander Alexander Samokutyaev and Flight Engineers Elena Serova of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and Barry Wilmore of NASA were greeted by station Commander Max Suraev of Roscosmos and Flight Engineers Reid Wiseman of NASA and Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency. As the hatches were opened, the families of the newly arrived crew and American and Russian space officials viewed the activities from Baikonur near the launch site. Serova is the first Russian female cosmonaut to live and work aboard the International Space Station.

Credit: NASA TV

+Johnson Space Center 

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#Astronaut #Crew #BarryWilmore #Flight #Engineer #Cosmonauts
#AlexanderSamokutyaev #Soyuz #Commander #ElenaSerova
#Roscosmos #Россия #Baikonur #Cosmodrome #Kazakhstan
#Expedition41 #Қазақстан #Qazaqstan

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This is useful.
This is an interesting listing created by Bernard Marr. I would add the following great sources:

* DataScienceCentral selection of big data sets - check out the first itemized bullet list after clicking on this link

* Data sets used in our data science apprenticeship - includes both real data and simulated data - and tips to create artificial, rich, big data sets for testing models

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Java is right up there, is that because it's industry driven or what the universities teach?
A novel way to track popularity of languages on github.

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A really nice article on modern micro processor architecture.

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NASA captures all of our imaginations.
We will make a major announcement today at 4 p.m. EDT regarding the return of human spaceflight launches to the United States. Whoever is chosen will have the goal to achieve certification of the system – including a test flight to the International Space Station with a NASA astronaut -- in 2017, returning a critical capability to America and greatly expanding the scientific research potential of the orbiting laboratory. Watch the announcement live on NASA TV at and find out details throughout the day on the Commercial Crew Program blog at 

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Scary how massively apple is failing to live up to their reputation for beautiful design. +Nic da Costa
A nice visual comparison of how Android Wear and Apple Watch display information.

So who do you think has it right?

Kudos to +Ron Amadeo for this.

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Hopefully those dark days are behind me but this is still awesome.
Ah, very, very useful. A Grunt workflow for designing and testing HTML email templates with SCSS.
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