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Ryan Montgomery
Web developer and graduate from Carnegie Mellon (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
Web developer and graduate from Carnegie Mellon (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

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This is just sad. Guy complains that Firefox is showing an insecure login page warning and it's affecting his customers. has full laundry list of more blatant security violations.

For god's sake, just put in a single quote and press Enter. You get the stack trace, code lines, and a full-on SQL injection on a platter. Someone already dropped the users table earlier.

No https.

Open ports running services, like MSSQL. from like 2008, with published vulnerabilities.

They're storing the passwords in plaintext: "Forgot your password? Click here to receive it via email."

Facepalm x10000.

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Guess who coincidentally just got an email from AWS yesterday about his one year of free tier stuff expiring? 😀

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Bring on the real-life Knightmares!!! #CodeGeass
An updated video showing Handle's already impressive agility and capabilities. Boston Dynamics is making some real leaps (literally and figuratively).

Robots are the future.

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Whoa, this sounds really cool. Going to seriously consider this instead of cable when I get my new apartment.

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I have this small but horrible dread that the +Nintendo​ Switch or its charger will violate the USB Type-C specification in some way. It might be unfounded, because Nintendo is the kind of company to get things right, but so many manufacturers have been screwing up occasionally, even Apple and Google.

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It's here! It's here! Why are you still reading this?!

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Click (it's a video)

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Woot. It was a big deal for me when Swype finally got an emoji keyboard, though it has had issues keeping up with new emoji. Hopefully this update at least brings it up to speed for Android 7.1.

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