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Well, it looks like someone may have let the cat out of the bag.

Rummaging through Amazon for a Nexus 4 case I stumbled across the new Nexus 5 case by Spigen.


#Nexus5 #Google #Nexus

+Corry Robb found this originally on 9/15
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This will go viral... And no one will give credit. :)
Nope, that dude Marques will take it from you ;)
I can name a few.... Let's see if I am right.
You always have been a good sharer. :)
Happens to me all the time, when I posted about "Crocs" on iPhone 5.  NOBODY had anything on it until I did.  Check the times and dates.  Same thing happened on the phone blocks concept.  NOBODY had it, the minute I post it tons of people posting but nobody giving credit.  Funny thing is the blocks video was not new, it had been almost 2 days old.  
That's why I just share the post... It ends up being a big game of telephone.

Addition: He did! I just went to check. Looks like yesterday at 9 pm.
Shiiiiiiit... If I had seen +Corry Robb 's post I would have just shared that. Corry is my home boy. :)
No I gave him credit for the original post.... See OP
let's alert LG and Google and see if it goes down, would help us know how real it is vs a typo or troll.
Amon RA
Taking credit for being the first to post the work of others... That's like wanting to have your name on a newspaper because you read it first. 
I saw this listing a week or week and a half ago. It's just placeholders. Nothing to see here.
I'm sure there are plenty of people selling those S line cases for the phone already!!
Wow looks like they are getting ready to offer their full line at launch. 
Innovative case leak reveals Google Nexus 5 is black and phone shaped, confirming everything we know about this thing we're only excited about because we don't know the details and will undoubtedly be disappointed when it launches because that's how we roll.

News at 11.
Lue G
Life is Good knowing this phone exists, man.
Oh congrats on another "Tech" blog throwing up blatant speculation as fact...

Attacking people that found something on the internet is as useful as the original rumor/speculation. Congrats Android Police on actual "journalism".
Yeah, just saw that article and wasn't too thrilled, sad thing is they are pretty guilty of what they are calling others out on..
Asshole is the new black.
Shh. +Artem Russakovskii is watching! Haha. Seriously though. This case does exactly what we want it to. It generates hype for use to talk about and drool over. The +Android Police post doest their part too. They're generating more hype by downplaying a random company saying Nexus 5!! Omg! Either way, we all know Nexus 5 is coming and we'll continue to talk about any leak whether it's real or not until the phone is released. What else are we going to talk about?

I'm drinking some Ohio beer right now. About to switch back to a PA beer to represent. 
More scotch and a cigar for me.

Mission accomplished.
+Ryan Mills The post is directed primarily at bloggers spreading misinformation as facts and at Spigen for shady tactics. Sharing what you found, on your social account is different. To be honest, you've only been referenced because of the remarks the post generated, but the "stop with the BS" message is directed at bloggers who should do some of their own research and thinking. Nothing wrong with "look what I found" kinds of g+ messages. 
yeah, some of the blogs just blast this stuff out without regard for consequence.. they just want the page hits.. I get it when stuff is posted in the heat of the hype but a little research can go a long way and possibly avoid mistakes which do happen.
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