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Just got inbound certified from +HubSpot Academy. Great course!

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Going through the Google Analytics Academy. Here's a great overview of the need for a comprehensive approach towards analytics. How have things changed in the analytics world since 2013?

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I'm getting excited about this #book   coming out on June 18th! 
#contest  Countdown Day 4. Share today's post for a chance to win a free copy of Beat before anyone else can buy it!

See Beat's back cover copy:

Page 1 of Beat!

Chapter 1

The beeping monitor on my wrist felt like needles in my ears. Spammy piece of drek. 

Pedaling hard around the corner, I had to dodge the people walking home from their shifts, the afternoon sun glowing off the white, curving walls of the huge dome buildings lining the sidewalks. Shouts followed behind me, telling me to slow down, warning me of the knockout. As if I needed warnings. I'd worn the Personal Assistant on my wrist since leaving the Nursery at age four; I knew about the knockout. 

Everybody did. It hadn’t cured the Bug, but it protected us, saving humanity from extinction.

I studied the path ahead through the spaces between the people; I was still a hundred meters from the Enjineering Dome. I forced myself to breathe slower and deeper. I glanced at the beeping Personal Assistant, which everyone called the Papa, on my wrist, ignoring the three flashing digits telling me my heart rate. The time readout was small, but I was used to focusing on it. 14:28. 

I wished I'd had time to deactivate the bugging speed suppressor in the cycle; I had two minutes to get to my position in Development 4. But if an Admin or Enforser caught me tampering with the cycle, I'd not only be in for a longer shift in the Enjineering Dome, but I'd also get a shift in the Dumps. Working with Rojer was nothing but tek paradise, but scrubbing kilometers of smelly conveyor belt sucked bug, and Enforsers could tell when you were going faster than your cycle was designed to. 

You had to be careful and lucky if you wanted to have fun in New Frisko. 

Yesterday's Winner
Danyelle Bauman Ferguson! Congrats Caleb! You won a free book for commenting on yesterday's post! We'll get you your book on June 17th, the DAY BEFORE it comes out to everyone else!!


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I spoke recently with Nina Amir, Inspiration to Author Coach. I laid out the way that wellness coaches can launch their book and sell 1,000 books in 21 days. I also share a free assessment to see if YOU are ready to sell 1,000 books in 21 days.

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Is this the year for you to create your bestselling author career? Let someone who's done it show you the way. Check out Nina's program:

Come prepared to feast! In this free webinar, Nina Amir, Inspiration to Creation Coach & bestselling author pulls back the curtains on her success and shows YOU what it takes to takes to Create YOUR Bestselling Author Career!

When Writer's Digest Books (WDB) released Nina's How to Blog a Book in 2012, it became an instant bestseller and has remained on one of three Amazon Top 100 lists regularly ever since. 
When WDB released The Author Training Manual in 2014, it also became an Amazon bestseller. And the three e-books Nina released this past year, Authorpreneur, The Write Nonfiction NOW! Guide to Writing a Book in 30 Days, and The Nonfiction Book Proposal Demystified, also shot to bestseller status.

Nina will soon be taking 15 dedicated authors, serious about building their careers, through her exclusive 6 month training, Create Your Bestselling Author Career. 

Doors are closing for registration on the 25th of this month, so be SURE to be on this webinar for your last chance to watch Nina map out her plan for success AND how you can be one of a very select group be trained by one of the best!

PS We may or may not be giving away door prizes as I am known to do. :)

Nina's Exclusive Program to help you create your bestselling author career:

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Join me for the first webinar of the year from Author's Catapult. We'll be joined by +Nina Amir who will share how to create your bestselling author career. NOT TO BE MISSED!
In this free webinar, Nina Amir, Inspiration to Creation Coach & bestselling author pulls back the curtains on her success and shows YOU what it takes to takes to Create YOUR Bestselling Author Career!
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