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Taking serial control of my spindle!  

Ok, so, here is a fast moving video of me at ~2:AM after getting a test wire up to work on my CNC 6040's .8KW spindle responding to a serial rig-up using an IC-485S serial converter between my PC's RS-232 and the spindles 1.5KW VFD inverter via a (custom speaker wire :) twisted pair for a "point-to-point" two wire half duplex RS-485 serial connection!

Oh man, I gotta go to bed...  More rigging tomorrow! 

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Good night Ryan, good morning Marcus it is then. ;)
Going to drive my machine across half the country from my workplace to my workshop at home. Picking up some temporary computer to control it on the way and hopefully beginning the set up tomorrow morning.
What are you planning on with your CNC?
In the other videos the 800W spindle had a terrible high-pitched resonance sound.
Just a second..didn't you have an 800W spindle? Or is it an 1.5KW inverter for both spindles they sell?
800W spindle, 1.5KW VFD. Sounds the same in person.
I check and checked again but it seems that the spindle-controller has no E-Stop input. Is that correct?
(I would really like to wire the spindle-estop to the machine controller e-stop to stop the spindle too.)
Yep, I'm afraid this controller is a bit of a lackluster... 
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