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Joke time!

An astrophysicist, a movie reviewer, and a franchise fanboy went to see the latest science fiction movie together. They all had three vastly separate and distinct experiences.

Ok, not much of a joke. Maybe an observation...

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Bullies of any type need to be dealt with in the harshest way. I mean nearly lynch mob style of a way. Bullies, in my mind, are already criminals and embodiments of corruption, they should be treated that way with extreme prejudice.

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If you want to make as much money as you can from a source of customer who has lots of disposable income, doesn't care or recognize whether it's being pandered to or condescended to, and will spend money on one or two genres consistently no matter what state they're in, the dudebro gamer is your demographic. They're the easiest demographic to sell to as long as you don't mind putting out the same thing every year and creating DLC/microtransactions. Other demographics are either fickle (RPG, platformer) or barely exist in the same universe as other gamers (casual), but the dudebro gamer is legion and easy to please.

Lowest common denominator.

Think about the most populous, easiest to sell to, and most loyal demographic (anywhere, any industry, not just gaming) you can think of, then target it. In this case it's males 15 to 40 who are huge sports fans no matter what (some female gamers too, but it's the same deal). But I wonder if there's a bigger one. What is the most populous activity or interest in the world? Soccer/fútbol? It's why Konami lost it's shit. Gambling? Konami went crazy on that as well. Maybe drinking, but how would you make that into a game? Gun violence? Seems to be covered by dudebro shooting games. Maybe combine some of these? Have a first person shooter that has elements of soccer or American football and gambling; combine all three/four.

Holy shit... I think I invented a new game series. "Shooter League Football: Vegas"

Honestly, if I make an innocent joke on YouTube and someone tries to turn it into something to be offended by simply because there are trigger words that have been used in other contexts, I'm going to delete that post and re-post it, getting rid of all replies good and bad. Zero tolerance on trolls. I have absolutely no compassion or respect for YouTube commenters anymore. They are the lowest of the low on the internet, IMHO.

Hello, Google+ Help G+ Tips and Tricks!

I would like to know how you go about disabling special formatting in posts that involve *, -, or _ so that you can actually show an asterisk, an en dash, or underscore in the text of your message (especially useful in code examples you want to post), avoiding applying bold, italics or strike-throughs.
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