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Bullies of any type need to be dealt with in the harshest way. I mean nearly lynch mob style of a way. Bullies, in my mind, are already criminals and embodiments of corruption, they should be treated that way with extreme prejudice.
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Ryan Martinez

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If you want to make as much money as you can from a source of customer who has lots of disposable income, doesn't care or recognize whether it's being pandered to or condescended to, and will spend money on one or two genres consistently no matter what state they're in, the dudebro gamer is your demographic. They're the easiest demographic to sell to as long as you don't mind putting out the same thing every year and creating DLC/microtransactions. Other demographics are either fickle (RPG, platformer) or barely exist in the same universe as other gamers (casual), but the dudebro gamer is legion and easy to please.

Lowest common denominator.

Think about the most populous, easiest to sell to, and most loyal demographic (anywhere, any industry, not just gaming) you can think of, then target it. In this case it's males 15 to 40 who are huge sports fans no matter what (some female gamers too, but it's the same deal). But I wonder if there's a bigger one. What is the most populous activity or interest in the world? Soccer/fútbol? It's why Konami lost it's shit. Gambling? Konami went crazy on that as well. Maybe drinking, but how would you make that into a game? Gun violence? Seems to be covered by dudebro shooting games. Maybe combine some of these? Have a first person shooter that has elements of soccer or American football and gambling; combine all three/four.

Holy shit... I think I invented a new game series. "Shooter League Football: Vegas"
You know the strange thing about my eight years with the Xbox 360? Despite the fact that I played it most days, I often felt kind of alienated by it.
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Ryan Martinez

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Meh, rise above it, man. There are going to be people like that out there who can't express themselves maturely if what he was doing was genuine. One thing that comes to mind is: Are you sure he's not just doing a character? I didn't watch it all the way through because that's not my kind of "entertainment", but the way he does the voice reminds me of a bad impression of Beavis. The reason why I like your reviews as well as guys like peaug and emgo is that on the whole you're very well reasoned and level headed people. Don't lose that to a bully.

Ryan Martinez

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Hello, Google+ Help G+ Tips and Tricks!

I would like to know how you go about disabling special formatting in posts that involve *, -, or _ so that you can actually show an asterisk, an en dash, or underscore in the text of your message (especially useful in code examples you want to post), avoiding applying bold, italics or strike-throughs.
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Huh, maybe I'm thinking of Facebook? Man, I must be losing my mind. lol
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Ryan Martinez

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You know how there's Social Justice Warriors? All those comments in the Megatron video that you're still going to get: Nerd Justice Warriors. Just as annoying. Just as mindless. 😉😜

P.S.: Berga berga berga berga!

Ryan Martinez

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The Raspberry Pi 2! Yay! Think of the craziest thing you can do and see if you can do that to show the performance. Install Kodi, test PlayStation emulators (1 and 2), if there's a touch screen option show those of us who have yet to enjoy a Rπ how that works, I dunno.

Oh! I know a good segment you can do that I don't see to much of. A "One Year Later" experience segment for those items you bought for yourself that people would be interested to see how they held up, how fast they became obsolete, what you found out in the meantime (maybe easter eggs or little known features that weren't in the instructions).


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Ryan Martinez

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One lucky winner will receive a full Puget Systems Serenity PC worth over $2800USD! Fully spec'ed out with:Intel Core i7 6700K CPUASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 GPU16GB DDR4 RAM400GB Intel 750 PCI-E SSD (Peak 2200MB/s)2.0TB WD Hard Driveand more! System Details Here!Giveaway open World Wide!Void where prohibited.
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Ryan Martinez

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Honestly, if I make an innocent joke on YouTube and someone tries to turn it into something to be offended by simply because there are trigger words that have been used in other contexts, I'm going to delete that post and re-post it, getting rid of all replies good and bad. Zero tolerance on trolls. I have absolutely no compassion or respect for YouTube commenters anymore. They are the lowest of the low on the internet, IMHO.
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Ryan Martinez

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Making me forget about the real world is exactly why I watch your videos. You, optibotimus, peaug, and many more always have a knack of transporting me back to my childhood back before I had to worry about things like taxes, schedules, finances, my job, and other soul sucking things of adult life. You are not just a toy review channel, you are needed to do what you do here for the rest of us to stay sane. :) Very much appreciated.

Ryan Martinez

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No Doubt era Gwen Stefani. Her voice does it for me. Kinda disappointed when she went the solo generi-pop direction though.

Ryan Martinez

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I'll just share a subscription collection I have. :)

Lord Karnage
The Game Chasers
Barnacules Nerdgasm
Maximilian Dood
The 8-Bit Duke
N64 Glenn Plant
Nintendo Collecting
My Life in Gaming
Extra Credits
OverClocked ReMix
Lazy Game Reviews
The Game Theorists
Gaming Historian
Pat the NES Punk
Game Sack
Smooth McGroove
Awesome Series
Dueling Analogs
Game Dave
Gamez Gear
Larry Bundy Jr
Mighty No. 9: The Animated Series Official Channel
The Old School Game Vault
The Synthetic Orchestra

Mostly good channels. No filler. Maybe you or someone here will find a good one. Not all of them will be winners I guess. But that's subjective and I like these channels. :) Sorry for the lack of links. I can't for the life of me find out how to share subscription collections so I just ghetto-copy/pasted the list that pops up from the sidebar.

Ryan Martinez

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I'm going to subscribe and watch your videos in the comfort of my own flat while I enjoy hearty helping of ramen soup and drink water poured into an almost clean glass! So there! Thptptp!
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As an artist I create illustrations and web graphics for companies  & individuals. My current partner client is Robert Sharp & Associates.

Currently I'm attending Rasmussen College and taking the Multimedia Technologies AAS Digital Design and Animation - Web Design program.
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