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March update from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Please find below an overview written by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick for the month of March 2014. This update is to give you an overview of the Orphans' Project, but please note that for news specific to your fostered orphan, and to view recent photographs of your fostered orphan, be sure to click the link to the Keepers' Diary found at the end of this overview. A great way to keep current with the Trust's work is to join us on Facebook too. Here we look to share news and photographs and short films from the Orphans' Project and our many other programs. The Nursery Unit: They say that tragedies come in threes and for the Nursery in March this has certainly been the case. It started on the 12th with the arrival of 2 week old Lekupe rescued from the Mebai Conservancy in Samburu who came in with seriously infected foot pads and a raging bacterial infection that we simply could not control despite a number of courses of antibiotics. Very sadly this female calf died on the 23rd. This was the same day that we lost little Olodare who had been in our care for a few months by this stage and who was past the critical teething process. He suffered complications from his umbilical hernia followed by a mysterious overnight swelling of one hind leg which we suspected could be the result of a snake bite. However, a postmortem revealed obvious heart complications, and this probably explains his laid back slow demeanor shown from the outset. As if this was not enough to bare a few days before on the 21st our much loved orphaned Thompson's Gazelle called Geri was ambushed and snatched by a pride of lions at 5 pm in our front yard just before our eyes - It was quite simply a devastating time for everyone filled with heartbreak. A trunk hug around Daphne's neck by a mischievous Kithaka left her with a pinched nerve in the neck later followed by a lung infection which laid her low for a month. However it is not all bad news as our three tiny babies Kamok, Ashaka and Kauro were all doing well by month end, Ashaka and Kamok with a full complement of their first molars safely through, and Kauro who has managed to push out one. Kamok views herself as the mini matriarch of this trio and is very possessive of them. They now at the public viewing mudbath where the big girls Arruba, Mashiriki, Limi Lima and Suswa home in on the babies wanting to mother them, but Kamok jealously rounds them up and escorts them back to the Keepers, not wanting to share the leadership role. Big girl Murera who has long enjoyed traveling further a field from the main keeper dependent herd has now persuaded her favorite calf Lemoyian as well as Sonje and her favourite calf Oltaiyoni, plus who ever else would like to come along to follow. This sometimes includes Faraja and Jasiri, Rorogoi and Quanza. The Keepers usually have to mount a search for them in the evening to round them up to return for the night. Murera and Sonje will soon be making a journey to their new home in the Kibwezi Forest, Umani Springs, a new rehabilitation centre we are building to best suit the more compromised elephants, like these two who would find life in Tsavo challenging in the long dry seasons due to their permanent poaching wounds. More about the third rehabilitation unit can be read here: Nelion and Tundani remain best of friends, both of whom are very 'cool' boys according to the keepers – mellow, gentle and affectionate. Zongoloni has calmed down since the trauma of her rescue fading with time, although she remains wary of people, and prefers the company of her elephant friends. Baluguda, Ngasha and Vuria are greedy boys, who are not past trying to snatch the milk of others and normally have to be kept fed slightly apart from the rest in case of disrupting feeding time altogether. March is a very hot month and it has been gratifying to see Murera actually lying down in the mudwallow savoring a good mudwallow, as this is something she seldom does. Baby Kamok has taken her cue from mischievous Lemoyian who runs up and down the visitors' cordon deliberating bumping into anyone within range and particularly enjoying scaring the school children who visit each day – whose reaction makes her feel very big and important. Teleki is Orwa's main pushing partner now, Bomani preferring to challenge Ziwa who has become his latest best friend. Kithaka and his best friend Barsilinga are also extremely competitive, Barsilinga now begining to get top sides of these encounters which leaves Kithaka very frustrated which he now takes out on Lemoyian! Kithaka suffered a huge scare during the month whilst browsing on his own in a thicket which stirred a sleeping python who unfurled himself and emerged. Kithaka hastily left the thicket screaming his head off which triggered a big bush bashing session by all the others, needless to say the python hurriedly departed and it took a good while for things to calm down again. The orphans suffered another scare when a warthog pursued by lions ran straight through the herd traumatizing everyone, two legged and four. Light rain showers have relieved the heat of March and have left the orphans very happy with the fresh green browse and puddles of water in which to frolic. The Rhinos: Solio has made several excursions back to base this month, much to the delight of Maxwell who always anticipates her arrival long before anyone else and gallops around his stockades with his erect tail eagerly waiting the usual sparring match through the bars of the stockade. He and all of us are always very happy to see Solio safe and well when ever she returns to base. Solio is now fully established amongst the wild community and our Keepers suspect that she may even be pregnant – we feel however she is still a bit too young, but time will tell. Solio has wild friends with who she fraternizes regularly and is very comfortable now as an integrated member of the Nairobi National Park resident black rhino community. Maxwell is the only orphan in the compound who is afforded treats outside of the ordinary browse. A tap on the bars of his stockade brings him up with open mouth ready for what's on offer, his favorite being sugar cane. Our orphaned Sacred Ibis called Shabby is no longer shabby, sporting a pearly white back with iridescent tail and wing feathers – he comes when called and loves Maxwell's stockade and waterhole, fishing for frogs brought by he recent rains and regularly patrols the staff canteen hoping for a handout of whatever is on offer. The Ithumba Unit: Suguta's group (Comprised of Melia, Tumaren, Chaimu, Murka, Kitirua, Naisula, Ishanga, Olare, and Kalama plus bulls Kilaguni, Sabachi, Kibo and Chemi Chemi) who hitherto have been returning to the stockades at night normally escorted by ex orphan bulls and also escorted out to join the herds during the day by bulls have upgraded themselves to ex orphans now – this brings the total number of ex orphans to 46 with just 10 remaining milk dependent. Suguta's group have been drinking regularly at the stockade usually in the company of splinter groups of ex orphans and some times this month with Kora and Tomboi acting at the male escorts. Missing from the ex orphan group for a long time have been Napasha and Buchuma. It was a great joy to have Buchuma return on the 27th with ex orphan bulls Rapsu, Madiba and Orok – with them were Kasigau and Kilabasi who Lualeni persuaded to upgrade themselves to the ex orphan unit some time ago. These two are obviously having second thoughts and on a number of occasions this month have returned with ex orphan splinter groups and reattached themselves to the Keeper dependent herd, nevertheless rejoining the ex orphans when they visit the mud bath or the stockade water trough. This month the Keeper dependent unit has had a great deal of contact with the ex orphans, Bongo especially, much fonder of the older elephants but torn between the Keeper dependent unit because of his love of milk. On the 26th when the Keeper dependent unit came to the mud bath the Keepers noticed that Bongo was missing. They eventually located him after an extensive search quietly browsing on his own. Light showers brought relief to the heat of March followed by a very heavy rainstorm on the 14th which left the orphans very happy, replenished green shoots and provided rain water drinking waterholes and mud baths at every turn. Towards the end of the month Lualeni began again taking special interest in the juniors leaving the Keepers suspecting that she was up to her old trick bent on enticing some of them to join the ex orphan unit, which seems to have been her special role for a while now. Bongo will be a willing candidate very soon. Laragai and Narok the most recent arrivals at Ithumba along with Bongo have settled well, and naughty Laragai has now calmed down. She challenged Mwende, Mulika's calf, to a pushing match and the Keepers were surprised to see Mwende giving a very good account of herself and Mulika watching without reaction. The ex orphans unit both traveling as splinter groups or altogether are always accompanied by wild friends, mainly bulls. Female herds are also drinking at the stockades, and some of them with tiny calves under foot. The main ex orphans group lead by Yatta and her calf Yetu have kept in close touch with the Keeper dependent orphans throughout the month of March. There is great excitement as ex orphan Kinna is now very obviously pregnant and the Keepers anticipate another new born wild ex orphans calf possibly within the next few months. Sunyei and Wendi are also thought to be pregnant. The Voi Unit: Emily's group of Voi ex orphans have been regular visitors to both the stockades and the junior keeper dependent mud bath during the month which is never popular with Wasessa, Lesanju and Lempaute and Sinya, Ndii and Kenia, the big girls of the Keeper dependent unit. Especially as the regular 'snatchers' namely Seraa, Icholta and Mweya, are bent on trying to take little Mudanda from Wasessa and the other big girls. Mudanda is a cosseted and much loved baby especially by Wasessa, but also the other big girls. Seraa made a spirited attempt to take Mudanda on the 3rd from Wasessa which made Wasessa very aggressive and wanting to actually fight the bigger ex orphan but thought twice of it in the end. Another snatch was attempted on the 20th . Amongst the ex orphans group is big boy Laikipia who enjoys the hero worship of all the junior boys as well as Kihari, Naipoki and Ishaq B – who enjoy touching him with their trunks, all completely spellbound by his grand demeanor. The mischievous junior boys Layoni, Rombo, Tassia, Dabassa have been leading the big girls a dance with naughty boy antics this month all of whom have a huge hero worship on big boy Laikipia too. Mzima, the biggest orphan keeper dependent boy is very tempted to join Emily's ex orphan unit – remaining with her group on the 21st and several subsequent occasions. Whenever Emily's group appears either at the mud bath or stockades Lesanju hurriedly tries to round up her group to take them away. This month Wasessa has also had competition for little Mudanda from both Sinya and Lempaute but allowed them to spend sometime with her precious chosen baby while keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. Mbirikani had a very lucky escape from lions when she was snatched by the ex orphans from the mudbath and spirited away and ended up attached to some bulls overnight – and later a wild herd. More details about this story along with photographs can be viewed by clicking this link: Please find a link to the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's March Keeper's Diary should you want to keep abreast with your fostered elephant FARAJA Also you will find attached a water colour painted by Angela Sheldrick for you to print off and keep. We thank you for your valued support. If you wish to renew or add an additional donation to your fostering of (FARAJA), please use this link below: Most Sincerely, Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick D.B.E.
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new access to the Kruger National Park

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