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How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Attract More Online Referrals

An affiliate marketing program is simply another name for a online referral program, associate program, or partnership program.

In the online world, an affiliate program allows you to create and manage a large group of affiliates with relative ease.

There are a number of variables you will need to consider, but we will discuss some of the major benefits and provide you with an overview of why you might want to add an affiliate element to your marketing.

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Ryan Hanley

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Packed House for the Strategy Session last week
There nothing I enjoy more professionally than speaking to an audience.

What is your favorite professional activity?

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Randy G
Ryan, First off I apologize for asking this question on this post like this. Im new to social media, I've been posting to communities things of interest or funny, but the last few posts have been marked as spam, I think, for they got no veiws or activity. I don't reshare same post, only afew post per day, and they aren't spam. A guy who said he's a community mod, told me algorithms marked me, and "taint" will go away in time. I see true spam all the time, repeatedly and they don't get blocked, why me?
If you have time, could you go to my profile posts, and see if im doing something wrong, and let me know. Any advice would be much appreciated. Randy
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Insurance Digital Marketing
How to stand out and attract the modern insurance consumer.

Insurance digital marketing is about telling the human side of your agency story.

The modern insurance consumer is bombarded by insurance advertisements every day. From GEICO, State Farm, to All State, the messaging is inescapable.

Do you believe insurance jargon, packaged in clever digital marketing tactics, will win you business over the long term?

#insurancemarketing   #digitalmarketing   #insurance  
Learn how to stand out and attract the modern insurance consumer in this modified presentation on insurance digital marketing. Get it here...
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ToeJam Wine, Google Compare and Facebook Native Video
Take the plunge into Google Auto Insurance and its impact on the insurance industry.

In episode #2 of Agency Nation Radio, +Marty Agather and I tackle on the most pressing questions in the insurance industry, Google.

We also talk about the incredible opportunity that exists within #facebook  native video.

Have a listen... you'll love it.

#agencynation   #insurancemarketing   #insurance   #marketing  
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I saw agency and thought it was marketing agency people like me! +Ryan Hanley​
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Want to create a better online customer experience?
Here is a simple website tool, +SumoMe, which help dramatically improve how you view what customer do on your website.

I am constantly running test on +Agency Nation to improve how visitors interact with the website. 

Every two weeks I open up SumoMe and review the click tracking and heat tools to get a better idea of what is happening on the site.

This post is a quick rundown of recent review I did and conclusions I made from the results.

Always be testing.

#customerexperience   #customerengagement   #websitedesign  
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Improving the Customer Experience Using +SumoMe
Here is a quick case study on the +Agency Nation articles page.

I am NOT a website design expert so (free) tools like SumoMe provide extremely value insight into what my visitors are doing.

More importantly this tool (and other heat map tools) show you what your visitors find and take action on.

Here are a few conclusions I made after breaking down recent campaign results.

#customerexperience   #websitedesign  
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+Chris Langille Seriously, the social sharing tool is fantastic as well.
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Author Q&A on Content Warfare
Come with questions about content marketing, self-publishing and/or crowdfunding and I'll answer them all.

Very honored to be part of +Gini Dietrich's +SpinSucks Author Q&A today.

Hope to see you there!

#contentmarketing   #selfpublishing   #crowdfunding  
At 12:00 ET today, we have +Ryan Hanley on +SpinSucks to talk all things content ... and his new book, Content Warfare.
It's time for our author Q&A! This month we feature Ryan Hanley, the author of Content Warfare. He has answers for all of your content-related questions.
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Here I'll give you my cc # 0000-0000-0000-0000 exp 12/14   999  :) You all come on down!
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Have him in circles
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Excited to hear +Mitch Joel and +Joey Giangola chat...

Do Your Subtle Skills Creative Obvious Success? 

I bet there's something that you're a little weird about and by weird I mean fanatic, that has seeped its way into your "professional persona."

If it's one thing I love about +Mitch Joel, as my man crush reaches dangerous levels (I'm going to ask +Ryan Hanley if I can be VP of the fan club), it's his willingness to consider influence from unlikely places AND openly try to help you connect the dots.

That's what he delivers in his rant to lead into today's show. His unlikely influence is stand-up comedy and I have never fully agreed more with anything, ever.

#BusinessSkills   #Comedy   #Insight   #Awareness  
Have you noticed the impact your subtle skills have made on your overall success? Are you giving them the credit they deserve? This week’s guest rant is delivered by Mitch Joel who challenges you to pay more attention to the small tendencies and abilities you’ve picked up along the way. Mitch found himself in a conversation …
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+Mitch Joel is a rock star. +Randy Carroll booked him to speak at our broker convention and run a seminar on social media back in 2010. I Learned so much from him. His books control alt delete and six pixel of separations are must reads and he crushes is weekly podcasts. He is a true Canadian rock star of social media and thought leader . Good choice +Ryan Hanley and +Joey Giangola. 
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Ryan Hanley

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I never was allowed to take my coffee on board ...
How come?
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Breaking the Content Code
Listen to +Mark Schaefer explain why Trust trumps Traffic in modern content marketing.

Are building trust or simply driving traffic?

Here are just a few of the topics we discuss:

 - “Activity” doesn’t mean audience,
 - Social media connections start as weak relationships,
 - We must great excellent content,
 - Our content must relate to the human,
 - and so much more…

This is an episode of the Content Warfare Podcast you’re going to love…

#contentmarketing   #contentmarketingtips   #contentcode  
Mark Schaefer joins the Content Warfare Podcast to discuss trust vs traffic and how to break the content code. Must listen episodes for content marketers...
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Agency Nation Radio
The Insurance Pros Podcast

Early release of the first episode today of a brand new podcast which will provide ideas and guidance for independent insurance agents looking to dominate their marketplace.

This is a podcast I've wanted to produce for a long time. 

#insurancemarketing   #insurance   #smallbusiness  

Brought to you by +Agency Nation and
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Hey Ryan, there may be a technical issue with the feed or the servers. I just tried to listen to it on both the Web site and Stitcher. Both times, the episode restarted itself after I'd listened to several minutes and wouldn't let me fast forward back to where I had been. Frustrating.
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How do you use customer stories in your marketing?
Its the stories that set your business apart.

Customer stories certainly can be testimonials, but in this case I'm interested in how people go long-form on customer stories...

Do you use video? Audio?

Do you get the customers involved?

Content containing your customers can be incredibly powerful.

How do you leverage customers in your content marketing?

#storytelling   #customerexperience   #contentmarketing  

ping: +Agency Nation 
How to Use Customer Stories to Stand Out
Your agency has stories (good and bad), its time to put those stories to work.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful sales tools agents posses. Prospects want to hear about the realities of working with you, and telling true stories is the most impactful way to show what sets you apart from the agency down the street.

Read it here:

#insurancemarketing   #customerexperience  
Storytelling is a powerful sales tool. Prospects want to hear about the realities of working with you, and telling stories is the best way to show them.
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Great thought provoking post +Ryan Hanley​! With over 10 years in the business I have plenty of stories to tell. Taking it a step further and having clients say it in a video would be extremely powerful. Thank you!
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Have him in circles
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  • University of Rochester
    Mathematics, 1999 - 2003
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Find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online.
If you're new to Google+... jump start your profile with my free Google+ Starter Kit!

What can you expect to find from me on Google+?

Content Marketing * Social Media * Content Strategy * Google+ for Business * Finding your Art and anything related to building valuable relationships online.

I help individuals and businesses create content that attracts the attention they require, build lasting relationships and ultimately generate sustainable income. My expertise in all facets of search content marketing.

Google Plus is one of my favorite platforms for building relationships and sharing ideas. You will find me posting and sharing content regularly on content marketing strategies and tactics that work inside real business (I test all these strategies inside my insurance business).

Have content marketing question? Just send me a private message.

My Content Creation Platforms

My home base of operations for creating content is my blog, Content Warfare, which is dedicated to helping marketers and business owners harness the power of content marketing to grow their business and win the battle for attention online.

If you enjoy podcasts, you can listen my Content Warfare Podcast where we dive even deeper into the principles content marketing, social media and content creation through listener questions and expert interviews.

For the video lovers out there I encourage you to stop by Content Warfare TV and check out #googleplusfriday, a YouTube show dedicated to helping people *Do Google Plus Better.* 

Content and Social Media Marketing Speaker

If you are in the market for speaker for your next conference, event or organizational meeting you can find out more about my Content and Social Media Marketing services here.
  • "Whether you are just taking your first steps into blogging, or are an established social media pro, Ryan will teach your firm how to better communicate with current and prospective clients." ~ Paul Morrissette, President Chubb Insurance

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I live in Upstate New York, (think Winterfell for all you Game of Thrones fans) with my lovely wife Lauren and our wheaten terrier Izzy.  

During the summer I can be found either on a golf course or at the Saratoga Racetrack.  During winter, I work as a high school basketball referee for IAABO Board 36.

Director of Marketing | Author | Speaker | Content Warrior
Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Public Speaking
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