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Attention Without Trust Has No Value
and other things I've learned from the convergence of online and offline life.

The following is an unedited excerpt from my soon to be released book titled, Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online.

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<begin excerpt>

In terms of marketing your business online, think of attention as currency. 

The American Dollar has value because there is trust, throughout the world, in the US's stability and backing of the dollar. Without that trust, the dollar is worthless.

Attention works the same way.

A classic example of this is StumbleUpon. As an online bookmarking service, StumbleUpon has capacity to sends thousands, in some cases tens or hundreds of thousands of views to a website in very short period of time.

If all you care about is attention, in the form of pageviews, StumbleUpon is a tool of endless potential. However, there is one caveat. StumbleUpon generated traffic traditionally produces some of the worst bounce rates on the web.

One reason is because of the way the tool works and why people use it. Stumblers are mostly looking for short blasts of entertainment or information and then they're on to the next Stumble.

There is no trust built between the site and the visitor. Your site is just the next thing to pop up on their screen. Sure if the page a Stumbler lands on is so incredibly compelling they may stop stumbling and spend some time.

But therein lies the point. When no time is spent, when no trust is created, attention is worthless.

Website visitors are human beings. I think we forget that. We see them only as contributing to the line graph in our Google Analytics account. But if we've learned anything from +Derek Halpern and his work building it's that content marketing is as much about psychology as it is actually producing content.

Human beings don't place value on anything they don't trust. So if they don't trust your website, your blog posts, your videos, your social media posts, they're not going to place value on you or your business.

<end excerpt>


h/t +Danny Wong and +Baekdal 

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Much thanks for mentioning our +Shareaholic report! Great piece. Love it!
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Hangouts, Hubspot and the Future of Insurance Marketing
Advanced tools for growing your insurance agency online.

This week on the Insurance Inbound Marketing Show we're joined by +Joey Giangola, of Giangola Insurance, to discuss two tools with powerful implications for insurance agents....

...+HubSpot and Google Hangouts.

Joey has been using Hubspot and Hangouts to spread the message about his Health Insurance business and attracting new leads every day.

This episode will give you the guidance and information you need to start your own hangout and help you understand your options for marketing automation tools.

Learn more about Giangola Insurance:

The Insurance Inbound Marketing Show is sponsored by +The GROW Program.

Learn more about GROW and their Digital Insurance Marketing Academy here:

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ryan Hanley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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+Nick Gann we're going to have a lot of fun. I think you've turned into a bigger +HubSpot homer than me. 

+Jenni Wiltz looking forward to you joining us, we are +Pinney Insurance Center, Inc.  users and love the service. 
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The FEAR of Hitting Publish
and 3 ways to overcome it.

+james altucher has said many times, in his writing and his podcast, that he won't hit publish if doesn't feel at least a little fear.

This means you're pushing the envelope... stretching for the edge. This is good fear.

But what about the fear that keeps us from hitting publish?

We're not talking about blog posts here, but rather the larger bodies of work that help define a career. 

Missing on blog post is really no big deal. It happens to everyone and if you publish blog posts often, it happens a lot... no matter who you are.

But a book... fiction or non-fiction... it's scary, because these are supposed to be your BEST work.

I'm working on my own book right now, Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online. Mars is actually illustrating the cover... I feel the fear that Mars describes in his post today.

It can be debilitating. 

Here are three solutions I've found:

1) Keep writing. Good, bad, or ugly, just keep writing.

2) Surround yourself with people who want to help you become successful. Thank you +Craig McBreen, +Guy Vincent, +Tom Morkes, +Mike Lesczinski, and +Matt Davison.

3) Go with you gut. Otherwise the work won't be yours.

These aren't foolproof, but they help.

How do you overcome the fear of larger bodies of work?

Originally published here:

#publishing   #writing   #fear  

h/t +Mark Schaefer as this was published on his site.
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I agree +Ryan Hanley
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Revving Your Content Marketing Engine
Great first post for +Tom Treanor on LinkedIn.

Here's another guy you content marketing fans should be connected to as he certainly is dialed in with his first post to the LinkedIn Publishing Platform.

My two cents: His very first point is a content marketing killer... We're all still writing for everyone, instead of just one.

Companies across various industries are rushing into the content marketing arena - developing content to spread awareness, to improve “findability” in search, to gain the trust of potential customers
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Does Content Marketing Work?
Video #2 in my Content Marketing 101 series.

For some companies content marketing is old hat news, but most are just starting to believe in creating their own media to attract targeted, profitable leads.

It's natural to be skeptical about a process you're unsure of and in this case, ask the question, "Does Content Marketing Work?"

Here's a video to answer that question.

Subscribe on YouTube for receive more Content Marketing 101 videos as they're released:

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+Gina Fiedel thanks so much. I really do love creating these videos.
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Have him in circles
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World Class Networking Advice for FREE!
Don't miss +Derek Coburn sharing his expertise on networking success.

Whether you're growing a business online, offline or in the semantic world where it's all the same thing... A high quality network is the crux of success.

Don't miss this episode. 

You won't be sorry.
Building Remarkable Professional Networks
Learn the power of connection from +Derek Coburn, author of Networking is NOT Working.

Online or offline, we grow our business not just in the quality of our work but in the network of peers we surround ourselves with.

Derek has honed his networking skills as the founder (with his wife Melanie) of CADRE, Washington, D.C.'s premier organization connecting remarkable professionals.

I asked Derek on this week's episode of Content Warfare TV to share his expertise in not just building connections, but the type of quality, lasting connections that grow a business.

Whether you're a solopreneur, small business or corporate executive this is a CAN'T MISS episode.

Learn more about Derek and CADRE here:

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ryan Hanley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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The State of Social Media
making sense of the changes to the social media landscape since the beginning of 2014.

As fast as social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ mature into trusted communication and community building platforms... the rules seem to change.

That's why I asked +Kimberly Reynolds and +Wade Harman to join Content Warfare TV and us make sense of what social media looks like for brands and marketers today.

What platforms are working?
Where is our time best spent?
What changes do we see coming down the road?

These questions and many more will be answered as we pick the brains of two social media experts, "In the know," on what social media marketing success looks like today.

I encourage you to connect with Content Warfare Guests:

Kimberly Reynolds:
Wade Harman:

Get more +Content Warfare

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ryan Hanley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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Thanks for the mention +Curtis Sather , I look forward to catching up on the recording. 
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Is Work From Home Wednesday a Thing?
and why I don't like working in offices.

We have a 5 month old son... His name is Duke and he's The Man. My wife  works three days a week and on those days a nanny comes to our house to watch The Man. 

Our nanny called out sick this morning, so Dad got the call from the bullpen to stay home because today is my wife's day to be at the office.

A year ago this would have completely destroyed my day. I'd be lost at home, scrambling to find something to do, while the growing anxiety of NOT accomplishing anything felt like I was wearing an anvil for a hat.

Adapt or wear an anvil for a hat

I hate how attached to the office I used to be. It was a crutch. If I wasn't at the office, I couldn't get work done. 

"Who was I kidding?"

Being at the office had nothing to do with it. I've just been programmed from 10 years of corporate work to believe that "The office" is where things get done.

Today I hate the office (except when I'm filming videos or hangouts in my studio). The office feels limiting, it feels traditional, it feels sheltered and protected... not that my home or a coffee shop or the airport or wherever else I find myself doing work is renegade or anything... 

Maybe it's not that I hate the office as much as I believe we need to experience different perspectives. 

I'm going to write slightly different today, at home, between Duke naps, than I would if I were sitting at my desk looking out the same window I always do.

Maybe Jimmy Buffet had it right, "Changes in latitude, changes in attitude."

How do you get a new perspective on everyday work?

#workfromhome   #wednesdaywisdom  
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+Ryan Hanley you're going the opposite way of me, I work from home a lot and now actually prefer to get to the office. I find that I'm more productive with my team for many tasks, that said working on my own at home I'm more productive working ON the business. A bit of a catch 22?
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Add +Eric Walker to your Content Marketing Circle
you won't be disappointed.

To his point about writing to peers versus prospects, in many respects I think he's right on the mark.

The only caveat is that writing for peers can help get your content in front of new audiences and help grow numbers which ultimately adds social proof...

Content Marketing For Smart Beginners 

Here’s what I know from experience 

Marketing with content is a means to an end. 

There’s a famous saying. Maybe it was Einstein (kidding) who said:

"No one who ever bought a drill wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore if you want to sell drills, you should deliver information about making holes, not about drills.”

Many marketers content creators I see here on Google Plus are NOT making this connection. I see the power users of this network creating content for their peers not their prospects. Lots of preaching to the choir.  

Everyone, including you, is in the content game

Yet the number of  people all saying the same thing and same way about content marketing is overkill. I've actually begun un-circling people who constantly drone on and on about content marketing, and nothing more.

You’re boring.  

That said, I’m almost feeling guilty about entering this crowded ring. But I feel I have something to contribute that a majority of the others are not. Simplicity. 

My Experience

I've been a content and copywriter for many Internet marketing gurus since 2009. I've made a full time income from sitting at the kitchen table or the coffee shop writing content and copy for others’ blogs, email newsletters, launch sequences, webinars, video scripts, etc. 

Content Marketing For Smart Beginners

First, I’m going to share what I know about content marketing for the people who I think really need it: smart beginners. Not the Google Plus echo chamber. 

Smart beginners are individuals who have an Internet connection, and a kitchen table. They might be involved with direct selling, or an affiliate marketer, or own an organic salon, or a boutique fitness studio, or they might make their own products. They have no staff that can help. They are their marketing department, and in most cases they don’t have a shred of Internet marketing experience or knowledge. I’ll show several examples of smart beginners in this series. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, smart beginners are looking for quick, accurate information, not an academic treatise. Smart beginners don’t want or need 3500 word articles on the power of a Plus 1. 

My Promise

My promise is two fold: 

1. This series will help you become a better copywriter and content creator for the distinct purpose of generating more leads, turning those leads into buyers and repeat customers. It’s everything you need to know about content marketing distilled into 9 or 10 relatively short lessons (under 500 words)

2. Google help me! There’s so much more to life than content marketing, and my aim here on Google Plus is to create more meaning, money and love for myself and others. Yet I’d be remiss if I didn’t share what I know, and create this easy to use resource - for the record. 

We start tomorrow

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You deserve it +Eric Walker. Keep killin it my friend!
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Content Marketing isn't Supposed to be Comfortable
It's supposed to grow your business.

Here is a recent unedited excerpt from upcoming book Content Warfare. If you want more updates, exclusive bonuses and an opportunity to be a Beta Reader join the Founders List:

<start excerpt>

We don't prepare for the emotional obstacles of content marketing. When things get tough, when we start to struggle for new ideas, we turn to mimicry (or worse we give up). 

We look to those we perceive as successful and try to copy their activity and in the process dull our voice and diminish the value of our content. 

We commoditize our business and  allow ourselves to be put into a box.

A tidy neat little box that easily stacks on top of all the other boxes online. One indistinguishable from the next. We allow this to happen for a few reasons, but fear is the most debilitating.

The fear of doing it wrong, of looking different, of having to explain why our content sounds different or our web design looks different. 

There is no pain associated with fitting in, no ridicule, no questioning. When you fit in you don’t have to explain yourself. No one second guesses your decisions because they seem safe.  "Everyone else is saying it, so we should too." 

<end excerpt>

Join the Content Warfare Book Founders List here:

#contentmarketing   #contentwarfare  
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I'm releasing some initial cover design concepts starting tonight, but you have to be on the founders list to see them... Join here:
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