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Improving the Customer Experience Using +SumoMe
Here is a quick case study on the +Agency Nation articles page.

I am NOT a website design expert so (free) tools like SumoMe provide extremely value insight into what my visitors are doing.

More importantly this tool (and other heat map tools) show you what your visitors find and take action on.

Here are a few conclusions I made after breaking down recent campaign results.

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+Chris Langille Seriously, the social sharing tool is fantastic as well.
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Author Q&A on Content Warfare
Come with questions about content marketing, self-publishing and/or crowdfunding and I'll answer them all.

Very honored to be part of +Gini Dietrich's +SpinSucks Author Q&A today.

Hope to see you there!

#contentmarketing   #selfpublishing   #crowdfunding  
At 12:00 ET today, we have +Ryan Hanley on +SpinSucks to talk all things content ... and his new book, Content Warfare.
It's time for our author Q&A! This month we feature Ryan Hanley, the author of Content Warfare. He has answers for all of your content-related questions.
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Here I'll give you my cc # 0000-0000-0000-0000 exp 12/14   999  :) You all come on down!
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Real Success
The future is bright for independent agents. is now completely focused on attracting the insurance buyer. We have published over 2,900 pages of content.

These pages are designed to help an insurance buyer gain familiarity with critical insurance issues, and also to direct them to an independent agent to purchase a policy that covers their needs.

In many regards is a barometer for independent agent digital success. As we approach the second anniversary of our website redesign, we continue to see great progress.

#insurancemarketing   #insuranceagent   #independentagent  
The future is bright for independent agents. Today we discuss the real success happening every day on Learn whats happening here...
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71% of New Leads are Wasted
Let's fix that problem...

Attracting more leads will grow your business, right?

For marketers, most often our barometer for success is lead generation.

In theory, leads are the fuel of your business. More leads, yield more sales.

Though sound in theory, there is much evidence that more leads do not necessarily lead to more sales.

Today we discuss how to fix this problem.

#marketing   #leadgeneration   #leads  
Will more leads grow your business? Maybe. According to Forbes, 71% of leads are wasted. Here are 3 reasons more leads will not grow your business...
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Life changes when we make ourselves available to creativity.
Quote from my new book Content Warfare:

The word that I hope stands out in this quote is "available."

The Muse is too fickle to expect or demand creativity. We must make ourselves available to creativity. We must allow creativity to touch our lives...

When we do this, life changes. We see the world differently, we idea where once only obstacles existed.

How do you make yourself available to creativity?

#creativity   #contentmarketing   #marketing   #writing   #content  
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Diving deep on marketing automation...
an interview with +Michael Jans.

Though this interview is focused on the Insurance Industry, every business can benefit from the guidance he shares.

#insurancemarketing   #marketingautomation  

ping +Marty Agather 
Marketing Automation for Insurance Agents
an interview with +Michael Jans...

There is no doubt marketing automation can help grow independent insurance agencies.

In order to stay top of mind for modern insurance consumers we must create more touch points. But these touch points cannot simply be random email newsletters with little to no significance.

#insurancemarketing   #marketingautomation   #marketing  
Today we learn marketing automation for insurance agents with Michael Jans, President of Agency Revolution. Watch it here...
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How do you use customer stories in your marketing?
Its the stories that set your business apart.

Customer stories certainly can be testimonials, but in this case I'm interested in how people go long-form on customer stories...

Do you use video? Audio?

Do you get the customers involved?

Content containing your customers can be incredibly powerful.

How do you leverage customers in your content marketing?

#storytelling   #customerexperience   #contentmarketing  

ping: +Agency Nation 
How to Use Customer Stories to Stand Out
Your agency has stories (good and bad), its time to put those stories to work.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful sales tools agents posses. Prospects want to hear about the realities of working with you, and telling true stories is the most impactful way to show what sets you apart from the agency down the street.

Read it here:

#insurancemarketing   #customerexperience  
Storytelling is a powerful sales tool. Prospects want to hear about the realities of working with you, and telling stories is the best way to show them.
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Great thought provoking post +Ryan Hanley​! With over 10 years in the business I have plenty of stories to tell. Taking it a step further and having clients say it in a video would be extremely powerful. Thank you!
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I hate the term "Leads"
Here's why:

We set the tone for our perception of the people who choose our business.

Using the term "Lead" to describe a potential client/customer is an infectious minimization of the value that human being represents to your business.

#leadgeneration   #contentmarketing   #onlinebusiness  
I hate the term "Leads."When we refer to a new potential client and customer as a "lead," internally we're spinning our own selfish story in which converting our new "lead" into a sale is the goal.In theory, leads are the fuel of our business. More leads, more leads, more leads... more sales.We need sales.We need sales to pay salaries, rent and reinvest in our business.Sales are the true measure of for-profit business success.The mistake is assum...
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+Zara Altair ah, you need to know how to do conditional formatting to avoid that ;)
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Goodbye Insurance Leads
Hello warm online referrals...

Today on +Agency Nation we discuss 5 reasons why it's time to say goodbye to Internet leads:

#insurancemarketing   #leadgeneration   #insurance  
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New Advantage Agent Survey: Independent Agents aren't happy with Yellow Pages anymore.

Get all the results of and +Agency Nation survey here:

#insurancemarketing   #independentagent   #insurance  
What do independent insurance agents want from We asked and agents answered. Find the first Advantage Agent Survey here...
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+Mark Traphagen and +Brian Clark on the same podcast?

Brian Clark: Create Real Value and the Personal Brand Builds Itself

At Social Media Marketing World 2015, I asked Copyblogger founder +Brian Clark to share his unique take on the topic of "personal branding." What he has to say might surprise you, considering that he himself is a well known personal brand.

If you enjoyed this, please share....and be sure to subscribe to my channel!

Traphagen's Takeout Order
5 Brian Clark of Copyblogger on Personal Branding
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He made me avert my eyes +Ryan Hanley ;-)

Thanks for sharing it!
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"The Content Marketing Book I Wish I Wrote"
This is the most Badass book review of Content Warfare from +Todd Giannattasio...

If you've been on the fence about purchasing the Content Warfare book I'd recommend reading this review. 

It's the most flattering thing I've ever had read and perfectly sets up everything I'd hope someone would take from the book.

Check out the book directly:

#contentwarfare   #contentmarketing   #content  
The content marketing book I wish I wrote. Perfect for newbies and veterans alike, here's what you can expect from Content Warfare by Ryan Hanley.
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35?? Only round the waist, +Ryan Hanley! Hehe. I'm almost 50 but I love you for thinking otherwise!! 
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I help individuals and businesses create content that attracts the attention they require, build lasting relationships and ultimately generate sustainable income. My expertise in all facets of search content marketing.

Google Plus is one of my favorite platforms for building relationships and sharing ideas. You will find me posting and sharing content regularly on content marketing strategies and tactics that work inside real business (I test all these strategies inside my insurance business).

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I live in Upstate New York, (think Winterfell for all you Game of Thrones fans) with my lovely wife Lauren and our wheaten terrier Izzy.  

During the summer I can be found either on a golf course or at the Saratoga Racetrack.  During winter, I work as a high school basketball referee for IAABO Board 36.

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