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Ryan Hanley

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Are you on Snapchat?
Sharing stories on speaking and storytelling

Add me with username: ryanmhanley

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Ryan Hanley

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Want to get better at content marketing?
Who you surround yourself with matters.

Today we dissect the one detail which makes 15 of the best content marketers on the planet the best at what they do.

Find the detail that will take your work to the next level here:

H/T to the following peeps for being my case studies for this article: +Jay Baer, +Marcus Sheridan, +Sujan Patel, +Andy Crestodina, +Gini Dietrich, +Neil Patel, +Barry Feldman, +Jon Morrow, +Tom Morkes, +Joe Pulizzi, +Mark Traphagen, +Amy Schmittauer, +Donna Moritz, +Sue B. Zimmerman, +Brian Clark, +Mark Schaefer and +Tom Webster.

These are a few of the people I learn from every day. I'm positive at least one of them will help you get better at what you do.

#contentmarketing #contentstrategy
The following list of 15 content marketing thought leaders are the best in the game. From each, I’ve distilled one detail which separates their work.
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Ryan Hanley

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How's your LinkedIn game?
Here are few resources to level up your LinkedIn marketing.

#linkedin #linkedinmarketing
There are over 79,000,000 search results in Google for the term, "Insurance LinkedIn Marketing." Why so many? Let's find out...
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Ryan Hanley

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Do Slideshare Better
Here are 5 tactics to get more leads from your Slideshares.

#contentmarketing #slideshare
Doing presentations? Looking to extend your reach and generate more leads? Be sure to check out this post from +Ryan Hanley on 5 ways to generate more leads from Slideshare!
Although SlideShare has been around for several years now, a growing number of marketers are catching on to the value it provides. SlideShare is a great content marketing tool that companies should be taking advantage of, because it allows you to distribute a presentation that's easily digestible, regardless of platform. Plus, it's easy to get started without any technical knowledge required. If you have Powerpoint or Keynote, you’re ready to go...
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Ryan Hanley

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7 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics for Insurance Agents
New Slideshare breaks down these "easy wins" on one of the insurance salesperson's most important social media networks.

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Ryan Hanley

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SPOILER: One of my 2016 content marketing trends is NOT virtual reality.
Get my 5 PRACTICAL trends in brand content marketing for 2016 right here:

Which trends did I leave out?

#contentmarketing #contentstrategy
It's time for 2016 brand content marketing trends. January brings a sense of hope, a fresh start. Get them here...
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I saw that one from a certain marketer from Google plus, and thought it was hilarious
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Ryan Hanley

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What is the purpose of brand?
In this episode of #geniusread we take a Wharton business school professor to task...
Follow on Periscope to attend live episodes:

#brand #branding
What is the purpose of brand? In today's episode of #geniusread, we examine a post titled: Was Peter Drucker Wrong? The Modern Purpose Of A Brand.
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Its working now.
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Ryan Hanley

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What is the Purpose of Brand?
Great riff into branding for +Forbes.

#contentmarketing   #branding   #brandingstrategy  
What is the purpose of a brand? This is a question I’ve been asking to a handful of thought leaders. Ryan Hanley--the VP of Marketing at, speaker, podcaster and author of the Amazon bestseller Content Warfare--was someone I discovered through his show on Periscope, where he took it upon [...]
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+Willie D. Washington Brand is how you're perceived. We can't control it. We can do this which help people to perceive us how we want.
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Ryan Hanley

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Don't Make the Same Mistakes I Did.
READ THIS before you start your podcast.

Seriously, I made every mistake in the book when launched the Content Warfare Podcast.

Here are 7 things I wish I knew before I starting my podcast.

#podcasting #contentmarketing
Starting a podcast? Before you hit publish, learn the 7 things I wish I knew before I published my first podcast episode.
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+Kristin Drysdale thanks so much. Podcasting is a joy. 
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Ryan Hanley

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Stop asking the same questions as everyone else!
Here are four tips on asking better podcast interview questions from four fantastic podcasters: +james altucher, +Tim Ferriss, +Mitch Joel and +Michael Stelzner.

How do you ask better questions?

Is your podcast boring?I'm being serious.Are you asking the same boring questions every other podcast host asks? If so, it stops today.
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Ryan Hanley

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8 Ways to Repurpose Your Next Podcast Episode
Do you have a content syndication plan?

It might be time to put one in place.

#contentmarketing #contentsyndication
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Ryan Hanley

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75,000 Insurance Leads in 2015
Yup, we did that.

#insurance #insurancemarketing released 2015 annual report, highlighting 3,000,000 website visitors (68 percent growth) and over 75,000 leads (or referrals). Get more...
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Ryan, are you using this lead program?
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  • University of Rochester
    Mathematics, 1999 - 2003
Basic Information
Find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online.
If you're new to Google+... jump start your profile with my free Google+ Starter Kit!

What can you expect to find from me on Google+?

Content Marketing * Social Media * Content Strategy * Google+ for Business * Finding your Art and anything related to building valuable relationships online.

I help individuals and businesses create content that attracts the attention they require, build lasting relationships and ultimately generate sustainable income. My expertise in all facets of search content marketing.

Google Plus is one of my favorite platforms for building relationships and sharing ideas. You will find me posting and sharing content regularly on content marketing strategies and tactics that work inside real business (I test all these strategies inside my insurance business).

Have content marketing question? Just send me a private message.

My Content Creation Platforms

My home base of operations for creating content is my blog, Content Warfare, which is dedicated to helping marketers and business owners harness the power of content marketing to grow their business and win the battle for attention online.

If you enjoy podcasts, you can listen my Content Warfare Podcast where we dive even deeper into the principles content marketing, social media and content creation through listener questions and expert interviews.

For the video lovers out there I encourage you to stop by Content Warfare TV and check out #googleplusfriday, a YouTube show dedicated to helping people *Do Google Plus Better.* 

Content and Social Media Marketing Speaker

If you are in the market for speaker for your next conference, event or organizational meeting you can find out more about my Content and Social Media Marketing services here.
  • "Whether you are just taking your first steps into blogging, or are an established social media pro, Ryan will teach your firm how to better communicate with current and prospective clients." ~ Paul Morrissette, President Chubb Insurance

Google+ Communities I Moderate:

A Personal Bits

I live in Upstate New York, (think Winterfell for all you Game of Thrones fans) with my lovely wife Lauren and our wheaten terrier Izzy.  

During the summer I can be found either on a golf course or at the Saratoga Racetrack.  During winter, I work as a high school basketball referee for IAABO Board 36.

Director of Marketing | Author | Speaker | Content Warrior
Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Public Speaking
  • Content Warfare
    Founder, 2008 - 2013
  • The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc
    Insurance, 2007 - 2012
  • Agency Nation
    Managing Editor, 2013 - present
    Agency Nation is the independent insurance industries leading resource for sales, marketing and technology.
    Vice President of Marketing, 2013 - present connects insurance buyers to the best insurance solution online.
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