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Ryan Hanley

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How do you create value?
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By giving away information that customers are looking for, in their everyday lives. 
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Ryan Hanley

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The Blog is Dead, Long Live Blogging
Where do you create?

#contentmarketing #blogging
Mitch Joel said it in his first Facebook Notes post, \'Content is Everywhere.
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Ryan Hanley

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Do you have the fortitude to reach digital marketing paydirt?
Listen here:

In this episode +Agency Nation Radio we take a deep dive into work and persistence necessary to find the positive ROI in digital marketing.

#insurancemarketing   #marketing   #digitalmarketing  
It takes work to reach digital marketing paydirt. Do you have what it takes? On this episode of Agency Nation Radio we explain what it takes to hit paydirt.
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Ryan Hanley

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Social media done right...
Greatness from +Brian Fanzo.

#socialmedia #marketing #contentmarketing #quoteoftheday
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Thanks Ryan for sharing... 
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Ryan Hanley

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How to Balance Automation with Unscalable Human Experiences
Success in marketing (business) lies in your ability to balance technology our desire for connection.

How do you create this balance?

#insurancemarketing   #automation   #technology   #marketing   #business  
Every day our lives become more automated. While automation provides efficiency, we sacrifice genuine human experience. In this episode we provide balance.
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Ryan Hanley

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Why +Agency Nation continues to make these same mistakes over and over again...
...and why we're not trying to fix them.

Go behind the scenes at Agency Nation a get a little better feel for how we work:

#insurancemarketing   #contentmarketing   #marketing  
What we're doing here at Agency Nation is pretty amazing. We've learned some hard lessons growing this community. Here are 3 lessons learned the hard way...
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Is it a deliberate ironic joke that it says "More Fast" on the Thumbnail and "move fast" on the site? Or just a fluke that G+ picked up the thumbnail before you fixed the mistake.
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Ryan Hanley

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Republishing benefits your content marketing in several ways. Today we're going to explore five, as well as the steps to take to republish your own content.
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Ryan Hanley

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25 Tools for Mobile Content Production
Nice list of tools you can use everyday to create quality mobile content.

Thanks to +Outbrain for the opportunity to contribute.

#mobilemarketing   #contentmarketing  
Creating mobile-friendly content is no longer an option — it’s a requirement to stay competitive in the modern world. Mobile has taken over everything, including how we consume content and how we produce it. Where...
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Ryan Hanley

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You're a better marketer than you think.
Here's why:

This essay was originally published in the Agency Nation Newsletter.

#marketing #insurancemarketing #agencynation
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Ryan Hanley

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I Never Could Have Guessed the Most Profitable Piece of Content I Ever Created.
One of the most obscure (seemingly) blog posts I ever created has ended up the most profitable.

The post and accompanying video explain why this particular piece content became such a success and what we can learn from it.

Get it here:

#marketing   #contentmarketing   #insurancemarketing   #contentstrategy  
This is the story of why I never could have guessed the most profitable piece of content I have ever created... and a lesson for your own marketing.
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+David Kutcher I love your use of the word gently. A subtle, but powerful distinction in process.
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Ryan Hanley

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The Bad Leads Are Free
and 3 more things we know about lead generation.

A transparent look at and work we're doing to support independent insurance agents.

#insurancemarketing   #leadgeneration   #insurance  
Here's the deal... the bad leads on are free. Not every lead (referral) that we deliver is going to be amazing. But many are...
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Ryan Hanley

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One of the more raw interviews I've ever given.
THE +martin shervington does an incredible job of pulling out some great thoughts and information.

You'll know a little more about why I create what I do if you watch this...

...its always about relationships.

#interview   #plusyourlife  
Here is an informative interview with Ryan Hanley learn how to build relationships that leads to success.
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  • University of Rochester
    Mathematics, 1999 - 2003
Basic Information
Find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online.
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What can you expect to find from me on Google+?

Content Marketing * Social Media * Content Strategy * Google+ for Business * Finding your Art and anything related to building valuable relationships online.

I help individuals and businesses create content that attracts the attention they require, build lasting relationships and ultimately generate sustainable income. My expertise in all facets of search content marketing.

Google Plus is one of my favorite platforms for building relationships and sharing ideas. You will find me posting and sharing content regularly on content marketing strategies and tactics that work inside real business (I test all these strategies inside my insurance business).

Have content marketing question? Just send me a private message.

My Content Creation Platforms

My home base of operations for creating content is my blog, Content Warfare, which is dedicated to helping marketers and business owners harness the power of content marketing to grow their business and win the battle for attention online.

If you enjoy podcasts, you can listen my Content Warfare Podcast where we dive even deeper into the principles content marketing, social media and content creation through listener questions and expert interviews.

For the video lovers out there I encourage you to stop by Content Warfare TV and check out #googleplusfriday, a YouTube show dedicated to helping people *Do Google Plus Better.* 

Content and Social Media Marketing Speaker

If you are in the market for speaker for your next conference, event or organizational meeting you can find out more about my Content and Social Media Marketing services here.
  • "Whether you are just taking your first steps into blogging, or are an established social media pro, Ryan will teach your firm how to better communicate with current and prospective clients." ~ Paul Morrissette, President Chubb Insurance

Google+ Communities I Moderate:

A Personal Bits

I live in Upstate New York, (think Winterfell for all you Game of Thrones fans) with my lovely wife Lauren and our wheaten terrier Izzy.  

During the summer I can be found either on a golf course or at the Saratoga Racetrack.  During winter, I work as a high school basketball referee for IAABO Board 36.

Director of Marketing | Author | Speaker | Content Warrior
Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Public Speaking
  • Content Warfare
    Founder, 2008 - 2013
  • The Murray Group Insurance Services, Inc
    Insurance, 2007 - 2012
  • Agency Nation
    Managing Editor, 2013 - present
    Agency Nation is the independent insurance industries leading resource for sales, marketing and technology.
    Vice President of Marketing, 2013 - present connects insurance buyers to the best insurance solution online.
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