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I sent my post about the political implication of behavioral economics, embodied cognition, etc., to Gerd Gigerenzer, who commented as follows: The “half-empty” versus “half-full” explanation of the differences between Kahneman and us misses the essential point: the difference is about the nature of the glass of rationality, not the level of the water. For …
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Ryan Lanham

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A great tract of Earth is on fire in Indonesia. It looks as you might imagine hell to be. The air has turned ochre: visibility in some cities has been reduced to 30 metres. Children are being prepared for evacuation in warshi...
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Ryan Lanham

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Buzz Over Bee Health: New Pesticide Studies Rev Up Controversy
Two new studies published in the journal Nature point to a connection between a class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids and a decline in bee health. What's bad for bees is bad for crops, too.
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Ryan Lanham

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Ryan Lanham

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Ryan Lanham

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The question of consciousness is as old as philosophy. And while the exact nature of human consciousness is exceedingly difficult to pin down—that doesn’t stop us from trying. It's a... read more
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Ryan Lanham

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Some times I am astonished at how fast things change. these urban farms didn't exist a decade ago, and are now growing 20% of the worlds food.
U.N. FAO reports that 15 to 20 percent of the world’s food is grown in cities. These 6 urban farms show that urban agriculture can create a sustainable food
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Ryan Lanham

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Science is revealing that trees are social beings that cooperate in interesting and powerful ways
No tree is an island, and no place is this truer than the forest. Hidden beneath the soil of the forest understory is a labyrinth of ...
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