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Need some good recommendations for instrumental music to work to. I can't listen to anything with lyrics because I find myself following the words in my ears instead of the words and edits I need to be writing.

I'm open to almost anything, including bluegrass, classical, lighter forms of electronic (nothing wub-wub that's going to make me want to tear off my headphones). 

Whatcha got?
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I'll suggest music with lyrics in a language you don't speak - I've found that works well, and you can find some neat stuff - go to your music outlet of choice and look under "international" or somesuch...
I've always liked the Dubuque album by George Winston.  The title track is the song that was the recessional at our wedding.  Also, anything Vince Guaraldi.  
The only thing that immediately comes to my mind is anything by Julian Bream, he's a classical guitarist and does some orchestral pieces as well. 
electric guitar instrumentals: Joe Satriani (big fan of older stuff like Surfing With The Alien)
classical guitar: Nabil Khemir has some good things
I'm also going to pimp my cousins instrumental guitar album here:  (Jim Sheridan)

On the classical side, I'm a brass player, so any of the Canadian Brass albums are good (went to school with one of their lead trumpeters)

I'll also admit to a weakness for trashy french technopop
Stop the presses, people! Taking +Mark Flanagan's original idea of finding music I like in another language, I have discovered Japanese ska. It's brilliantly quirky, and when they occasionally scream out a word in garbled Engrish, I get a laugh. 

Currently listening to a band called Potshot.
RJD2 radio on pandora.

the Yoshida Brothers radio (also on pandora)

Little People Radio 

those are my best picks. RJD2 is good stuff.

check out the radios and then pick some artists you like from there.
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