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Jay Kay was robbed!

Chris Hoy is a professional racing driver and his time should go on a separate board!

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The Veloster! 3750 miles as I left Enterprise.

Dimwitted dual-clutch auto loves to keep the gonads-free 1.6l below 2000 rpm, but is also not smooth. So you get a combination of lurching and zero go-pedal response. Putting the trans in sport mode kept the revs higher between shifts, but didn't help the lurching.

Paddle shifters: why?

Ride: jittery.

Steering: annoyingly quick for interstate work. Zero dead center, which I'm absolutely not used to. Might be fun on a back road.

Seats are swole-shaming. My thighs felt seriously pressed inward in the 6" or so closest to my knees. Uncomfortably pressed.

HVAC: worked.

Audio: acceptable. I paired my phone and played Pandora relatively easily. It was loud enough to drown out the highway racket.

5/10 not a Mirage. 

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Can any of my sales contacts with access to Ford's window sticker database pull the info for this truck (VIN in ad)?

It's at a BHPH lot, and looks way too good to be there (most others on the lot are <$10k). I'm planning on looking at it tomorrow. The primary things I'm interested in are whether it has a towing or payload package and what the diff ratio is.

I'd like to go in with as much information as I can.

Also, thoughts on the price? Around these parts, it appears excellent.

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So, for those of you who have never driven highway 129, there are professional photographers stationed all along the way.

I'm tempted to buy one, just for giggles. 

Looking at a 2005 Z71 Tahoe with 126k for $14k.

Three owners, looks pretty dammed clean.

This is to replace the Odyssey. Are we insane?

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At Vintage Mission, they've got some interesting, possibly collectible inventory. 
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Had two weak starts in the 300SD.

Figured the battery was bum. It was dated 11/13, with a 5 year warranty, so I took it into Walmart (battery came in the car) to see if I could get a prorated replacement battery.

They insisted on putting it on a machine to see if it would charge, and it did. Fully.

So I took it home and put it back in the car, and I guess I'm replacing an alternator this weekend instead.

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Mercedes diesel people, to me!

Getting a whistling/high-pitched metallic sounds for about 30s after a cold start. It rises and let's in lock step with engine rpm changes, then it goes away and doesn't repeat again until the engine is cold. If I wait before driving and hold the engine at about 1000rpm for about 20s, I won't hear the noise.

My initial thought is oil flow. The car has the correct amount, but it might not be circulating quickly enough after startup for the cold weather.

I have about 1500 miles on this 15w30 Delvac, which I thought would be good for year-round. I'm way overdue for a valve adjustment, though, so could that have caused early oil death via too much thinning?

I really need to get my act together with this car. I've been using school as an excuse to ignore it as long as it continues to start and run, but I don't want it to get to a state where it won't run at all, because I've got a feeling that by the time an OM617 is neglected to non-runner status, it will take a lot to bring it back.

Kitten picture for your trouble. 

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This is from an estate sale we're going to this weekend. Looks like they've got an all-home stereo set up.

Using all Marantz amps. Can anyone identify these? Would they be a flipping opportunity if they're being sold cheap?

+Cool Cadillac Cat?
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