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Ryan Kiefer
Works at NAIC
Attends University of Kansas
Lives in Roeland Park, KS
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Ryan Kiefer

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So, for those of you who have never driven highway 129, there are professional photographers stationed all along the way.

I'm tempted to buy one, just for giggles. 
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Ryan Kiefer

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Had two weak starts in the 300SD.

Figured the battery was bum. It was dated 11/13, with a 5 year warranty, so I took it into Walmart (battery came in the car) to see if I could get a prorated replacement battery.

They insisted on putting it on a machine to see if it would charge, and it did. Fully.

So I took it home and put it back in the car, and I guess I'm replacing an alternator this weekend instead.
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Yeah, it was for a 560 or 500.

Got it because it looked new, and $10 at the pick-n-pull.
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Ryan Kiefer

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Mercedes diesel people, to me!

Getting a whistling/high-pitched metallic sounds for about 30s after a cold start. It rises and let's in lock step with engine rpm changes, then it goes away and doesn't repeat again until the engine is cold. If I wait before driving and hold the engine at about 1000rpm for about 20s, I won't hear the noise.

My initial thought is oil flow. The car has the correct amount, but it might not be circulating quickly enough after startup for the cold weather.

I have about 1500 miles on this 15w30 Delvac, which I thought would be good for year-round. I'm way overdue for a valve adjustment, though, so could that have caused early oil death via too much thinning?

I really need to get my act together with this car. I've been using school as an excuse to ignore it as long as it continues to start and run, but I don't want it to get to a state where it won't run at all, because I've got a feeling that by the time an OM617 is neglected to non-runner status, it will take a lot to bring it back.

Kitten picture for your trouble. 
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When 'ol Mufasa proved he could start in the dead of winter without it, I lost interest in pursuing the problem. I probably should get back to it... eventually.
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Ryan Kiefer

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Do I know anyone in the Denver area?

The missus and I will be in town for a getaway Tues-Fri this week.

Suggestions on things to do? We like to eat and drink, with the occasional cultural experience tossed in for good measure. Weird is okay and encouraged, as long as it's also good.
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6 it is, then, at Twisted Pine in Boulder. 
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Ryan Kiefer

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It's nice, and somewhat comforting, to know that some of my favorite people in the world admired Sir Terry as much as I did.

Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors). BTC 1FhCLQK2ZXtCUQDtG98p6fVH7S6mxAsEey ...
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I should buy a boat read more....
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Ryan Kiefer

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All of the Miss Universe contestants in their costumes.

Some of them ::wolf whistle::

Others... "where is she?"

Then a few, uh... "WTF?"
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I sorta get the costume, better than like the China one which I don't at all..
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Ryan Kiefer

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Looking at a 2005 Z71 Tahoe with 126k for $14k.

Three owners, looks pretty dammed clean.

This is to replace the Odyssey. Are we insane?
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Eh, we've decided it's a no-go for the moment, anyway. There were some red flags in the truck's history that we didn't like.
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Ryan Kiefer

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At Vintage Mission, they've got some interesting, possibly collectible inventory. 
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Ryan Kiefer

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Handsome pup! 
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Ryan Kiefer

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This is from an estate sale we're going to this weekend. Looks like they've got an all-home stereo set up.

Using all Marantz amps. Can anyone identify these? Would they be a flipping opportunity if they're being sold cheap?

+Cool Cadillac Cat?
Justifiable Jeep Junkie (J³)'s profile photo
All newer stuff, so I have no idea.
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Ryan Kiefer

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Unspeakably sad.

Only slightly bolstered by the fact that, being such a huge proponent of the Right to Die, he probably went on his own terms.
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In the Discworld, when you die, you move on to whatever afterlife your chosen religion says is real.

I want to believe that Sir Terry has gone on to Discworld, that he has taken up residency at UU, and is using its endless library to full effect to write what is, from his perspective, now non-fictional history.

Yes, that's what I'm choosing to believe. Maybe that means I can join him there when I pass, too.
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Ryan Kiefer

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Not a bad run.

I reached 12103m in beach. Check out how far you go:
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