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Ryan Johnstone
Software Engineer at BBC
Software Engineer at BBC

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Is PiP supported in the first O preview? The sample demonstrating it crashes in an emulator running O with a not supported exception for PiP

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Finally got my game room set up in the new house!
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Having major issues getting my Google payments profile authorised. I can't make any payments on the play store right now and my verification always gets declined.

Now they're saying to change my address to my UK one and accept the TOS and should be good to go. Except I'm not aware of a non UK address on my account. Anyone experienced anything similar?

Most annoying thing about setting up Moto 360 for the 100th time? Having to swipe through a tutorial for the 100th time. 

Got a replacement Nexus 6P because my gyroscope was definitely broke, however, this replacement still loses the ability to auto rotate after a while, anyone else seeing this issue?

Hey, does anybody know what device shows up in the Play console as SUPER? Having a couple of reviews with issues I'd like to look into but can't find out what device this is. 

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1 million downloads! Fuck yeah!

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This is getting ridiculous now...

So if I were to get a non Nexus phone, say the Note 7... What Nexus features would I lose besides timely updates?

Is Google Assistant Nexus exclusive? Nougat only? Or is it baked into the Google app?

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Google Fit is currently borked. This from sat at my desk. Been happening a lot lately.
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