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How is everyone doing?
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Here's a single for you all to check out that I finished tonight.

"Phoenix Rising" - track mixed by Ryan J. Rhoades 


#edm   #dance   #plur  
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Just a 20 second public service announcement:


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All of my Google plus notifications are invitations to hang outs.

If you happen to see this please remove me from your notification circles because I don't really watch hang outs.



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Here's a great review for our book by +Stephan Hovnanian!

Get yours at!

[REVIEW] Stop Wasting Time & Burning Money

My friend +Lany Sullivan , and +Ryan J. Rhoades put together an extremely useful book that I just finished reading. Well, actually I finished it in November but wanted to wait until I'd spent some time on their methods before writing a review...

An inside-out approach to getting things done
I'm a procrastinator, guilty as charged. I've tried the time management books, they try to create systems for you that are either going to work or not, and most of the time, for me, they don't. By contrast, Stop Wasting Time, and the companion worksheets, are completely different. Lany and Ryan took an inner approach at identifying why we waste time, and it clicked.

Going through the worksheets was even better. Their methodical approach to making you write the big things down, then smaller, then smaller still, makes you realize how easy it is to reorganize your life, your workday, even your individual task management, and get more done. Since implementing their approach, especially the scheduling suggestion, I've found myself way ahead of all my content production and with an inbox nearing zero. What's better, my mentality of how I spend my time has shifted to making sure whatever I do is productive (and that includes spending time with my isn't all about work!!)

Full review:

So there you have it folks, those of you who wonder how I get so much done, and I'm really only scratching the surface thanks to Lany and Ryan. Pick this book up today :)
Stop Wasting Time Today!
Stop Wasting Time Today!
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New blog post up:


Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I have a hard time sticking to the schedule I have set for myself.


Because there’s almost always something that happens while I’m sleeping where a client needs my help or someone is asking me to call or e-mail them back right away.

One of my favorite quotes is from Brendon Burchard —
“Your inbox is a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas.”

I find myself infinitely more productive and at peace throughout the day when I don’t check my e-mail or social media first thing in the morning.

I’ve even gone so far different times as making a custom wallpaper for my phone that says things like “READ A BOOK” or “STAY OFFLINE” to remind me that I am the one in control of my agenda and how I spend my time.

It’s not always easy, and I’m certainly not always perfect at it — but over the last year especially I have made it a point to seriously cut back on how much time I spend responding and reacting and focus instead on creating and building.

There are an infinite number of distractions flying at us every day — and that number is only increasing.

However, with the right tools, a good bit of discipline and hard work, and laser sharp focus you can cut through the BS and really make something that will leave a legacy and help a lot of people.

For me, that’s what is important.

I want to create companies that help move the human race forward.

I want to build businesses and organizations that empower people around the world to do what they love.

I want to help turn ideas into reality.

And for me to do that, I need to remember to just breathe when I feel my brain kicking into overdrive.

I need to sit back and stop what I’m doing when the external demands on my time and attention begin to dictate my direction.

Obi Wan said it well in Episode II:

“Patience. Use the force. Think.”

If you’re feeling stressed out about the things you feel you absolutely need to do, take a deep breath.

Slow down. And remember that only you can decide what it is that you’re going to do with your time.

get prints & merch here:

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Has anyone else on here noticed G+ loading/running TERRIBLY S-L-O-W-W-W lately?

+Chef Dennis Littley  +Christine DeGraff +Heather Kraafter +Zara Altair 

That's why I've not been on so much, personally.

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Merry Christmas everyone from Laura and I at +Reformation Designs

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This quote from Brendon Burchard is a life changer if you let it be.

#BrendonBurchard   #ReformationDesigns   #inspiration  

Read my post about it here: 
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About to go live! 
It's December and the New Year is closing in big time!  Take a deep breath, relax and stop by  for this weeks edition of Good Day Google+ to unwind from the hectic holiday rush and enjoy an hour of delicious conversation, design demos,  cooking demos and wine pairings

With my very my special guests

+Ryan J. Rhoades CEO & Lead Graphic Artist @  sharing design tips to make your brand pop!

+Adelheid Hörnlein Transformational relationship coaching, Integral Practice and Integral Voice Training, Paradiso Integrale", (live coaching and retreat in Italy)

+Andrea Fabry Wife, mom to 9 children, author of It Takes Time, founder of momsAWARE and owner of Just So Natural Products

+Maggie Unzueta HOA Host, Food and Wine Blogger, Recipe Developer and Author

Friday, December 12th
@ 10 am PST | 11 am MST | 12 pm CST | 1 pm EST  | 6 pm UK 
Watch our show here on the event page where you can leave your comments and ask your questions during The shows broadcast live. 
But if you can not watch it live you do not worry can always watch the replay on my YouTube Channel:

#GoodDayGooglePlus     #rockthegplushouse         #askchefdennis  
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