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If you can see this comment or something on this, just learning how to work g+
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hi ryan! go on g+ all the time! learn it!
Please inform the other 14k that that g+ account is fake. He's deleting my comments lol guilty
Hello cutie patoots! so i meet you here in google+ so wazzup? :)
lol tht other ryan is good O_0 i think he or she just copied your tweets
I commented on the other account trying to direct people to this one and my comment was removed lol
Yay! I'm following the real ryan higa :) teehee
Ann Lee
Hellooooooo ! haha. Nice having you here. :DDD TEEHEE.
Hi Ryan, nice to meet you :)
Yey. Real Ryan google plus-ing (is there such a word?) Welcooome ♥
ok i commented i saw your tweet!! Add me!!!!
Juhie g
...I have no idea how to use this either. You're not alone.
it's pretty simple once you get the hang of it (:
Yo dude ur videos keep gettin more baller. I remember when u did lip syncing lol
-1/2 the AZNDUO
wouldnt it be cool to do a public hangout? 8 lucky nigahiga fans could video chat with you!
You're doing it right then :) I don't get on much so idk why I got one but oh well
ME TOO!! you dont sound as asian than before!! but i know for sure you still are....
HAPPY THANKSGIVING RYAN... and thanks for accepting my tookus..
IT'S JUST LIKE TWITTER THO (not really, but keep working at it) ! =]
Yes, everything works out the way you wanted it to be. You'll get used to G+ in no time. :D
i had no idea the other account wasn't you! D:
seriously trying to figure which one but i believe th@ ur really Ryan <3
the fake Ryan Higa keep deleting the comments that show he isn't the real one! we'll see how long can you stand this.
+Kayla Durgee That is an impostor account. Hopefully, if enough people report it as fake, and Ryan reports it as an impersonation of himself, it'll be deleted within the next few days.
^wait, which is the real Ryan Higa?????????? thats a seperate account. Someone help :O
Everyone can report the fake one. Just click on "Report this profile" and click "Fake Profile" and click "Submit". Viola!
ok. thnx
Well hello Ryan. Welcome to the wonderful world of google+!
Wow, this is your real one!? Did you know that your fake was on for a long time? =O
Ha, now the fake one is following this one (most likely to see what we're saying about it).
+Duncan Chung It's the real one. You'll know if you click on the name. If it's the fake one, it'll link you to the fake account.
Sof K
hello!! :)
Wtf..i thought ive always had you! ugh fake shits man! 105 commenter
gee sky
LOL.. all this time i thought that ryan higa is real..
Ryaaaannn! I'm glad you showed up here. :) Shame on that poser. >:(
Are y'all sure this is the real him? The supposedly fake account has links to his Twitter, Youtube and such. Although I suppose an imposter could also post those links.
Ryan Higa isn't real! He's computer generated. 
a hello from HongKong, idk how to use google+ either...
does that make us friends? lol
Oh, people are so credulous and pliable, maybe this is a fake account.
If you see this video from minute 3:11 you will see than Ryan is using G + for a while!
I Miss You (VIdeo: I Miss You by D-trix)
So silly!!!
Respect to the people you love!
I can not deny I'm confused too, but I think the first is real !!!!!
i just saw this from twitter and wala!! i have google
So ridiculously confused. Which Ryan is real? This one is soooooooo fake.
hi ryan is this profile really fake?
I'm new to this g+ also. I just started yesterday and really haven't had time to figure it out yet.
Once you learn it you'll love it more than Facebook! 
Can you add me to your circle pleasee?!?!
yeap,me too just learning how to use g+,hahaha.. still no friends -_-"
g+ is a step in the right direction, just give it a try, having a google account help you to integrade documents, pictures, music email. etc
SO this is really you? I thought that other account was you... wtf I was following the wrong account the whole time -_-
hey ryan. you'll most likely get the hang of it. i personally like it. (:
Hey im new to this too but it seems alot like twitter. Should be easy getting the hang of.
I can never trust the internet again.
E Roach
This is my very first opportunity to send you a message! I discovered you a year ago when A.S.S. came out and have seen all your vids, even the ones on private, I think. My tweets don't reach you, so I wanted to say YOU'RE WONDERFUL!! Through you I've found all the YTF crew. My friends think I'm crazy, since I'm probably #OldEnoughToBeYourMom...
hey everyone. my name is Nicholas (a.k.a. Santa Claus) I am new to this circle thing. A typewriter is all I've used in the North Pole. Add me to your circles! Merry Christmas! (Almost)
Hello, I just added ryan last night, and today when i logged on, all is videos and messages were gone. I clicked on him and it said "there have been no recently posts by Ryan Higa." I don't want to follow a poser. Does anyone know if this is his true identity?
Himmy T
so finally this is the real you! :D
same cant figure out how to use half of this stuff
E Roach
Hey, Ryan, that's a great new vid you just posted! And just FYI, I think doing Off the Pill while standing is a much more flattering camera angle for you ... compare and check it out! Or did you get your hair cut differently? I bet that's it! :D
how do you make such awesome vids? i barely have any subs and i made 16 vids
where is it available, like amazon or itunes or what
I'm still trying to figure out this thing too
+Mew Wariya Did you report the fake Kevin? I did several times, but it's still up. More people need to report it, please!
Yes, he/she is using the name Kev Jumba. It's probably the same person that created the fake Ryan.
exactly what I was gonna say, of coarse.
funny how ryan has 12 friends in his circles, but there are 5,673 ppl who hav him in thiers :P haha
I got Ryan in my "awesome people that i dont know personaly" catagory.
its the exact same thing as fb!!!! even better! actually fb is the original so theyre the same to me
ryan your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you and YTF should so come to chicago
please it would be awesome
RYAN YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 your videos!!!
watched all of them and u can say any one of them AND I TELL U WHAT THEY R ABOUT AND
Isnt it some time since you made youre g+ account ryan? :p
ryan i think u kno how to work g+ now after 300 something comments XD LOL
you know rhiannas "fell in love in a hopeless place"
change it to "I beleive in a unicorn"
Dear Ryan, are you a Christian.
don't have to make video, just answer "yes" or "no"
Em H
he shldnt have to answer that, it doesnt matter what religion he is
r u really ryan higa from nigahiga
All these Google+ people who say Fb is bad are lame Fb is a lot easier to use then Google+
And I still was the last to comment, on Fb that would never happen
hey i know Justin Beiber has a ton of freinds but one more wouldn't hurt
I'm still trying to learn how to use G+ as well... I don't know what I'm doing at all!
Ayo t.s
When is the 2012 concert tour info coming?!?!?!?!
Yeah I still don't know how to use this
I am the man who faked Ryan Higa, Ha Ha Ha
Yay! Real Ryan :) you're amazing. I have the same bday as u btw 
your funy you dont now how to us a gmail! ha ha!
Change of subject: Dear Ryan, Agents of Secret Stuff 2: ____ Protocal! LOL :) pls
Hey Ryan I am still learning how to use g+
whats that song in the BEST club thing, it like " Do the uncle chin"
Sean Li
i dont think ryan would do something like this... this is probably a poser >:(
ryan would have just posted something else, and it would be abvious that lots of people would comment...
i love your youtube videos. Ur sssssssssooooooooo funny
HI HI!!! OMG!!! GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! CHICKEN.....doodoo..... umm k bye. :/ TEEHEE!
im a big fan hope to see you in the future and i love ytf tell dominic,chester,and kev i said they dont know me but owell im only 13
ello seen my pointless video on youtube:jeremiaspina24 you should watch it ]:)
hey Ryan im a fan ive seen you on an episode of Supah ninjas
it's nice guys not nice skys
i like every single Ryan video:)
dude ive seen your fed up video it was hilarious
i just saw your inavigator video it was so freaking hilarious
ya search your friend and add them and chat and see what they post like facebook
I <3 u Ryan!!!!! I bought Nice Guys on Itunes!
yeah you rock please sub me on youtube im 2010mcclain :) keep it up ryan
niga higa higa friend tried to dress up as you for halloween XD
hey wats up ryan! im like ur biggest fan ever! you are amazing!
can see you comment ryan add me to your circles i am a big fan of NIGAHIGA
lol I just found out about g+ yesterday
Kayla S
dude u got lik A LOT of people who hav u in circs
are all these comments necessary? -_-
ryan higa is awesome! i <3 his vids
Anthony Padilla is in my circle just saying :)
your doing it right ryan
Your Ytube channel is hillarious
and i have YTf as my homepage
I just ordered the TEEHEE BAND :)
Ryan you should come to Boston to preform with YTF? We dont get cool celebs that me and my friends enjoy.
gonna be in Houston on the 30th! super excited!
ay, mate you can be his fan but its not like ees goin ta visit you.
I like ur video things that ruend thanks giving!you should make a funny video about mermaids!
post stuff now! (you're doing fine)
Hey Ryan I luv luv luv luv luv luv your videos! I'd been watching them since i was nine! Please make more!!!! I hope you can one day visit my town
hey higaniga, i am going to make a youtube channel and i had a few questions, You might answer them if bored?
i think u call ppl by what circle theyre in like u would be a follower whereas for u im guessing michelle phan would be a friend IDK just a guess
your just learning must be good, you have about amillion ppl with u in their circles and one this one post u have 466 comments, 8 shares, and +367
it took me 4ever to learn how to do this :P but google buzz was so much better. Too bad we cant find people's emails from google plus ;)
+Drew Nolan lol maybe. I guess I was just so used to buzz. All my friends had it, but only a few have google plus, well at least ryan does :D
dude i now dis isint any of my buissness but i still wonder what ever happend to u and sean dude i miss him u guys were good friends and also there isint too much asian in ur videos thats all i gt say boom c ya on online
Hey Ryan, I know you get posts like this all the time and you don't have time for me, but I'm gonna try anyways. I was hoping that you would add me to one of your circles or email me or something. I'm sorry if this is kinda creeperish, but I have seen all your videos and I am subscribed to all of your channels. Thanks!!! It would mean the world to me!
RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Let me speak your language: Cow says, MOOOOO!!!!
Ryan Ip
Hey Ryan, I'm one of your big fans and I was hoping that you can make a shoutout to me on one of your videos and TEEHEE
how do i chat in this thing?????
uhh can someone tell me how to chat in this thing
RYAN RYAN RYAN!!! add me to circles as friend please, im just a kid and i think really funny!!!
email me, go to my About thing and theres my email
You should come to Michigan, i miss being able to see your old videos :( Been a fan for awhile, you're funny Ryan & attractive. lol. Keep it up man!
yo dude can u please bring ytf aka coolest people ever to iowa
hey!! come to chicago!!!! with ytf!!
your videos are so funny a thumbs up every time and i never get tired of watching u
wait u don't know how to work google+ but u know how to work all these camras and the effects?
love ur videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they r AMAZING!! 
hi your awesome!!!!!
I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 WATCHING UR VIDEOS RYAN!!!! Especially ur "the worst boyfriend ever" video. I <3 U!
um, Ryan can you tell me what exactly is the 'internet icon' thing? You hosted it, right?
Ines C.
heyyyyyyyy don't worry I don't really know how to use this either
ryan u awesome 500th comment!!!!!!!!! WooHoo
congratulations to stage 1, soldier
Dear Ryan, be flying ninja eating taco in a wet suit
I believe this is a account just to trick us to think it REALLY is nigahiga
I love u ryan!!!!!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
to make it work first u eat a banana
Hey Ryan, make a video of you on titanic!
hay ryan you should make another agents of secret stuff 
dam, you sure are disrespect intended
i dont know you but im just commenting!
Dear Ryan,
can you become a sugar plum fairy?
Yuli M
using g+ doesn't seem that hard...its kinda like facebook, but no poking...
his other posts had 500 comments, and when i saw this one it had 499, so i'm this post's 500 commenter! >o<- Mysterious Asian
Dear Ryan: can you save the world from zombies
Dear Ryan can you make an alien invasion then piss on them to stop them
Hiiiiii ryan how come u no post video for a week
Did 16 people get their accounts deleted? O.o
I think it only goes up to 499 comments
Yay I'm the 500th comment
ok................actually you were the 499th comment i think 
Hi Ryan Higa you are the best hope you have a great day bye and in YouTube please say my name in it my name is Zinab 
And please say it right or else 😃😃😃😃👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
I know i should do this in the youtube comment section but...'Dear Ryan can you do a WWE wrestiling challenge with Greg?' Please🙏?