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What do you call followers on google+? Is it just friends, like facebook?
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I call them followers I guess xD or GPeeps
Followers are followers. Friends are friends. They're two different circles.
We're your personal google stalkers(:
no i think we apparently became circles whichis pretty cool in my opinion
Youtube: subscribers Facebook: friends Myspace:friends Twitter: followers Google+: Circles?
+Ryan Higa I'm thinking followers, just like Twitter? Another one of those things the world may never know. xD
It depends. I name strangers who follow my circles as followers. Then the rest of my contacts are categorised based on the same interests we share or how we are related.
no i think its like twitter where they have no choice in the matter and you dont even have to know the person
yea kinda like that but it's just called followers like twitter :)
how would u know, he even said on his twitter th@ this is him
good question haha
followers in twitter, friends in facebook, circlers in google+ (nah its hard to pronounce) lets think of the other term to call it ;p
"Followers" would probably be the most appropriate, since most of us are not your friend, family, or acquaintance.
You should make another video with Sean Fujiyoshi.
Those were one of the funniest ones.
Like the late night show with Ryan. I still laugh.
E Roach
Ryan, what happened to your Thanksgiving vid????? Why is it suddenly private??? Was it something we said? (joking, sortof) Don't go away mad! Come back!!!
G+ers? Haha, sounded like a math equation.
hey ryan! Big fan of your stuff. All your videos are awesome! Can us fans post Dear ryans on G+? So if we can... I've got a few you could do!
Squares! Ryan Higa you're a genius! (a.k.a Santa Claus)
more like "fans" or "likes" ... or Followers?
Btw.... you might want to mute this....
their unicorns, that's just the answer to everything
- you call them "people with swagger"... ;D
Sorry guys i have an ipod and I took off autocorrect. I do know how to spell. I just haven't really gotten a hang of typing on tgis thing....almost typed thong :D
no idea....but i call them followers..or friends...depends i guess...but circles can work too...hahaha! XD
Jayna B
i think so thats what i call them
you don't call them anything but they just + you or you + them, and it's kind of more original than facebook cause it has circles :o
no it is just that...followers, cause we follow you on your comments and actions, videos and laughs we are here to follow ;)
maybe we just do not know ryan
hmm.. that's a good question. i'll call them 'followers'. (:
E Roach
Just saw you live on Youtube!! It was way too short! Come back, please! And next time you do this, could you please let us know somehow beforehand? I only found it by chance because was checking your channel for the Nth time today. Also, just so you know, when I first saw it, the screen was black said it would go live in 39 minutes and counting down, but all of a sudden there you were! I thought I had time to take a shower, but if I had you would've been gone by then.
E Roach
I've wondered this for a long time: Why do you look so different in the vids you do at home sitting in front of the camera (different from the way you look in all your other vids)?? Is it the camera angle? Or the lighting? Both? Something else?
I call them fuk u stalkers cuz thats what they always say
hmmmmmmmmm people+? lol more benefits than real people!
Zaw Oo
I think it works like people who follow you automatically become your new bff, like i'm almost positive thats how it works!
I love your videos!!! They are super funny!!! Friend me (I think that is what it is called)!!!
hey everyone watch my youtube channel and subscribe to it. can u ryan higa subscribe to my channel well here is link
I heard that he would be fine, just keep giving him our support.
hey iv been watching his vids for the longest time he will be fine he will probably make a funny vid with him in a wheel chair :D
Ryan Higa rocks. He is like the brother I never had. The one who twists ideas around and makes them his own.... that is why he is a Youtube giant!
Friends!!! =) check me youtube channel out please!
its pretty much "people who have you in their circles"
I don't know Ryan what would you like to call the followers? Plusers? Looks weird don't ya think?
Hey Ryan big fan I watched like all ur vids laughed at all them me n my friends think ur awesome
wait, so the ryan higa and kevjumba ive been following are fake?!
wait, but then how would a fake jumba get all the info he/she gets an stuff like baby pix...
its friends family and maybe more
Hey Ryan HUGE fan!! can you do YTF in Atlanta? Also "Dear Ryan: Can you fly?"
hihihihihhi hi!!!!!!! Yeah I'm a crazed fan!!!!!! Best YOUTUBER evah!!!!! Just got a google + and My cousin told me that we can chat, like for real!!!!!
i dunno. i'm a newby and still trying to figure out how it works. but i already circled you on my first try haha.
ya its jus like frends on facebook if u wanna call it dat
some r stalkers but i think they could be fans or friends by the way my sis lovs u and im stilll finding out how to work g+
well its like ummmmmm like fans that stalk you or just comment on everything you say!
hey ryan add me on face book aight
we gotta make a video im a good rapper and i can beat u in basketball we should meet but i live in dalllas
hey ryan! do u play zombie lane? if so can u add me!
OMG ryan my friend and i are huge fans!
Hey can u add me to ur Google+ if you want to know more about me then go to Bailey Melvin on Goggle+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DO you ever reply to people on here. and y dont u add me to yur cirlce.
Ryan your YouTube videos are HILARIOUS!!!
You haven't posted in forever. Did you go back to Facebook? I thought no one uses Facebook anymore?
hi ryan you're my fav comedian rly!
any keep up the good work.
finally good luck on your road to recovery
what happened to him?im so confuzzled. :(
we follow you in circles. wow that sounds stalkerish
stalkers... btw, i really like the new hamster that you got for your apartment, he totally fits in your decor...
hey ryan i watch all your videos i love then and i love u!
Well, if u add them to a friends circle they are friends, family "circlers" are family members, and people that just follow u are followers.
it is whole alot better then faecbook! I AM YOU BIGGEST FAN! I LUV U<3
its called CIRCLES!!!!!
Less than 3, Less than 3, (<3)
I called em B.I.T.C.H (Beautiful Individual That Create Haters)
So Ryan, how's Hawaii,with Sean?
ryan hurry up make more videos b4 you lose a subscribe
Have a heart jeez. most people dont spend all there time on youtube posting videos, he has a life too. and memeber, didnt he get into an accident? probbs still damaged. never know.
Asaud you can't say that! Ryan has things to do ! 
i love u ryan!!!!!!from the coolest grl in the world,caroline
love ya ryan!!! sorry dats so random
Uh, if you respond to this I will be happy, but obviously you won't.
uh im guessing friends i dont realy know it could possibly just be followers
my frnd rhea thinks that u rocks
she have seen your each and every video !!!
you rock!
HEYYYY RYAN! me and all my friends luv u and YTF! ummm when r u gonna put up the concert/2012 tour info!!!!?????
Hi Ryan! Your videos are hilarious! My friend and I watch them all the time! We all LOVE off the pill and Christmas Swag
Dear Ryan, would you sleep with me ? :)
Ryan, whatever you call it it will be u so popular everyone just gonna copy you.....
Hey my name is sonu. Dude your videos are freakin funny. I like end of the world. I have a channel too. It's called: thesonmit. I've only made 1 video. sp please help me out. thanks
dude i just watched you and sean going to california. aswesome faces!
I call them , with name of each circle they are belonging to :p
Hmm... I believe the term for that is "stalkers"?
Or maybe "lamps" (I'm sure you like that one)?
Even better: "stalker lamps"
Ayo t.s
OMG LOVE YOU Please post concert info soon!!
I think they're called circles
Dear Ryan, are you Batman, Superman, or Joker?
Dear Ryan, can you become a candidate for president.
Guys, guys (and girls. see what i did there) srsly Justin Beiber has too many freinds.
no its like twitter............. i think
Oh I though it was like twitter, you know
hi ryan!!!! i love your videos on youtube my sister LOVES YTF
Followers... I guess Add me to friends.
Depends really, can be friends, family or just someone you met... randomly..
you are soooo funny i loooove ur videos pls make more!!:)
well followers r just ur fans that really like u not stalkers maybe huge fams that really want to meet u in person btw im from san diego ca plz come here :))
ryan i watch yor vidieos all the time you are the best!!!!!!!!!
Dude ur awesome ittzz about to get epic up in here
circleerererers or something.
Dear Ryan,
Can you be a Nyan cat unicorn?
u rock!
Dear Ryan,
Can u come on Google+ more? Less than three<3
You have to call them, here I think I have them's number-636-675-2709- don't call that i dont know whose number it is- and then you just ask them what he would prefer to be called
I call them my fellow prisoners of education. That doesn't fit you though...
it is called followers..same like twitter..;D
i dont know haha maybe people on computers maybe. haha you ROCK by the way:D
Hi Ryan
[less than 3]
i luv u. i think my mom is probably gonna buy me the teehee band for my birthday in march:)
dear Ryan can you dress up like a unicorn staring at a lava lamp? it was in my dream plz put that on your next video on Youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I call them Must-friend-Ryan-Higa-on-Googleplus ers
its in following in the add to circle option
no it's called circled ppl duhh
Lol idk i just made one a few days ago xD
hey ryan! im a mysterious guy that goes to your school and admires u but i wont reveal who i am.... and no, im not a stalker.
i'm inspired by Ryan not to be shy when being in front of an audience. i love u Ryan:)
So hilarious! Did you make the Harry Potter Puppet Pals videos too? I loved the Titanic thing!
Hey, Ryan. I jsut wanted to now that I love your videos and so does my friend, Dustpelt170. We are both fans. Best wishes, Phoebe
tom pam
no they just adore u
idk... i've been trying to figure that out cuz of all these circle things #confuzzled ftw :P
good question... It's probably googlers...:)
I think it's more like following on twitter
I love you RyanHiga [less than three]
i think im sick.... WITH BIEBER FEVER!!!!!!! *epic nigahiga music in the background xD
i love you , u rock i wish u could actually come to bangalore ( india ) . i am sure u are gonna love this place with so my FANS of your !!!!! please
Ryan! Please do a parody of Live My Life - Far East Movement ft. Justin Bieber! Your parodies of Far East Movement are hilarious!!! +1 if you agree.
Basically followers are kind of stalkers o.O or friends that want to know what you do
no it's Must-Follow-RyanHiga-On-GooglePlus ers <3
people,friends family stuff like that but Facebook is a little last year don't you think?
ur super agent of secret stuff wuz hilarious n RLY RLY good :)
I am a real ASS fan it was funny as hell except hell isn't funny I don't know how hell is and never go there : ( + : ) = TEEHEE TV should be a channel
hey ryan would you ever come to my home town portland and preform???
Hi Ryan! Followers are basically people you don't know, but you find their posts interesting... Sorry if this doesn't help! BTW, I like, look up to you. You are so funny!
idk... i guess...... like.....umm.........TEEHEE!......srry....just there was a oppertunity..... you can call them... followers...XD
WHY CANT WE....jk (but really) wait you said "what" i thought you said "why" sry
Make more vids with Sean in them
im ur biggest fan i post ur vids wen eva i cum online
Well I just call them friends but..... whatever. U probably hear this a lot but ur videos r awesome!!
does anyone know if he ever posts on this account? I'd imagine he would at least post links to his videos publicly
... I think it depends. There's certain circles for who's who, so they can be followers or friends.
what? i dont undertand where im at... im an idiot
HUGE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaase add me to your circles! and for the very daring, throw it at this potato! Again, please add me to your circles!!!! mahalo!
RYAN I LUV YOOO (soulja boy style)!!! it is always... less than three <3 nigahiga and YTF 4 lyfe
when did you first start YTF and who created it?
Google+ is flexible. Friends, followers, "circlers"... anything goes. 
Hmmm, good question. I guess they are called followers, or whatever you want to call them. Your personal stalkers! :)
i guess you would call it fake twitter
that means google is ripping off facebook AND twitter...
it's like friends, but you call them differently when people are in different circles. like, if it is following, it's followers. 
i just make a new circle called <want to be friends with>
Do u like facebook more than google +?
This is really dramatic!! i saw your post above and even i have no idea how to read that thing.....700 comments and no actual answer to your question!! 
u didnt answer it either
dear Ryan,
        can you make a sequel to "Daily life of ninja higa" or "Dude vs. Wild"
hcgfvbhf dvdbftvdfrftgft oh dont mind me im cleaning my key board tnhbzen
Nope^ Me!
anions (you know, because anions are negative and therefore attracted to positive charges)
how about we call them "followers on google plus but not friends like on facebook"
Dear Ryan,
I like the video on けん玉(kendama toy) it was very japanese. I live in Japan and I love your videos about when you went to the japanese school, but could you do something like trying to eat wasabi like a man or doing the chopstick duel like in Kanfu Panda? I would love to see what you come up with.
Thank you :)
500th comment. Hi Ryan. Oh, comments are disabled so, I'm typing here. Anyways +Jessica Vazquez I think that after the 500th comment, I guess everyone's comment is 500th. 
nope, im 500. also all the comments have stopped at 500 haha :)
Idk but on my PC it looks like I'm 500. Awesome sauce
You download an app called hangouts then you enter the g+ account you want to facetime/text/call
+Ryan Higa there's not really a name for friends on google+ but u can add people to your circles and call everyone friends 
good question don't know the answer though
is that what you want it to be? So its gonna be like our code word for danger?
You can call them whatever u want