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Bring on the robots!
Bring on the robots!
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These look gorgeous and it's neat to see Google Project Solar helping with the roof size and sun coverage estimate using 3D maps.

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Someone needs to make a Tango app for this. Scan everyone in 3D and then do virtual flybys from all directions at impossible camera angles.

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Don't wait for your 2016 bonus payout in Q1 to apply for a new job!

We have several awesome positions open at the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), a new company formed earlier this year to focus on AI, automated driving, and robotics. Here are just three openings specific to our Product and Program Management team:

Technical Program Manager for Chauffeur - Ann Arbor, MI

Product Manager for Robotics - Palo Alto, CA

Program Manager for Simulation and Controls - Cambridge, MA

Plus many more for all types of roles at all of our offices. Apply today and get in the pipeline to kick off the new year with a job you'll love!

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Congrats +Damon Kohler on releasing Cartographer open source and making robot mapping better for everyone!

It's also been fun reconnecting old Google Research & Cloud Robotics folks with my new crew at TRI. Can't wait to do more fun stuff together :)

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This gets the point across amazingly well in less than 30 seconds.

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Got to visit the Stanford car simulator and go for a ride down a virtual street. It's amazing how easy it is to feel like you're on a real road with the wide field of view, sound effects, and actual car to sit in.
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I ordered up a bunch for us at TRI. That's not to say I know what we're doing with ROS yet - I've only been there a week. But they gave me a corp card and open source shirts are cool so why not:)
There are only 3 days left to order your Kinetic Kame Tshirt by May 9th: #GoROS

What's a good web based org chart team directory to use these days?

I'm especially interested in what Xooglers and others have found after leaving places like Apple and Facebook, which I heard also had great internal team directories.

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The latest evidence that mobile is eating the world. Sonic Dash, Crossy Road, Candy Crush, Temple Run, Flappy Bird, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja are all prominent games at the Santa Cruz Arcade.

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Today marks my ninth anniversary at Google, but also my last. It's been quite a ride as the company has grown 10x in size and expanded well beyond just being a search engine. Thankfully, I've had the privilege of being on half a dozen of those really fun projects and learned a ton along the way.

One thing I've learned is that I really love starting new things. Those early days when the team is small, the mission seems enormously overwhelming, and the way forward is totally unclear. During those times it's incredibly important to secure adequate resources early for the team to forge ahead without running into roadblocks and red tape around every corner.

Most important is the team itself though. When product plans change, technical hurdles pop up, or a partner deal falls through, you want to be surrounded by great people. It's for exactly this reason that I'm thrilled to be joining the Toyota Research Institute and reuniting with James Kuffner.

TRI is going to be special. Well funded by Toyota Motors, but a stand-alone corporation with a terrific CEO in Gill Pratt. We're going to be growing like crazy and I'll be working from an awesome new lab that opens near Stanford later this year.

Leaving Google is never an easy decision but nine years on six great teams leaves me plenty to be proud of having accomplished. Now it's time to begin a new adventure!

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