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I recently ditched Mac OSX and reverted to Ubuntu on my MacBook Air. It immediately felt snappier, but I figured that was probably my imagination. For interests sake I ran the V8 benchmark test v7 over and over again this evening and found that in Ubuntu I get around 8500 whereas on OSX I get around 7900. So it wasn't my imagination after all.

Do any of you know if that performance difference is because I'm using 64 bit Ubuntu whereas OSX runs in 32 bit mode? Or is it just that Ubuntu is more efficient?
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Apparently I can boot into OSX with the 64 bit kernel, so I'll try that and see what happens. Back shortly ...
Ubuntu is awesome. 'nuff said.

I was surprised to learn that OSX runs in 32 bit more, even when the hardware is 64-bit capable. WTF?
Well that's what I read somewhere. I'm just look into whether that is actually the case or not right now.

I held down the 4 and 6 keys, which apparently make it go into 64 bit mode. But then I restarted and it is still in 64 bit mode, so maybe it was all along. I'll try doing a cold reboot to see if that tricks it into going into 32 bit mode ... or maybe it always was in 64 bit mode and I was just reading stuff about older versions of OSX ... more investigating necessary I think.
It seems it was in 64 bit mode all along.

I did a little more testing and OSX climbed up to an average of 8100. So I guess Ubuntu is just plain faster.
Ubuntu is a bit faster. I've noticed this myself. I still prefer OS X.
I assumed OSX would be faster. Partly because Apple throw more resources at their OS and partly because I figured Chrome would be more heavily developed for Mac than linux.

People claim that linux is faster than everything else all the time, but I just put that down to fanboyism. Nice to know it was true all along.
+Christopher Laing, do you work with many windows open? The "feature" of OSX which made me switch back was it's half baked support for window management and workspaces. n talking to OSX lovers, I've mostly found that they don't make use of many windows and/or know what (proper) workspaces are. You seem like the kinda guy that would be have half a bazillion tabs and windows in operation at any one time.
Song Du
Really? can you tell me which  configuration of your air? I want to have one.
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