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The referenced blog post isn't all that interesting--which is uncharacteristic for Spolsky--but the money quote about Steve Jobs is fantastic.

I've heard stories about Bill Gates at Microsoft, who was sort of famously a dick to his employees in many of the same ways Steve Jobs was more famous...and that many Microsofties emulated that style because they thought being a prick was what made Bill Gates so successful. As if. I imagine it poisoned Microsoft internal culture.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were successful in spite of their personalities. For your own corporate policy: don't be a dick.
“The saddest thing about the Steve Jobs hagiography is all the young ‘incubator twerps’ strutting around Mountain View deliberately cultivating their worst personality traits because they imagine that’s what made Steve Jobs a design genius. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc, young twerp. Maybe try wearing a black turtleneck too.” From The Management Team, my guest post on Fred Wilson’s blog. Need to hire a really great programmer? Want a job that doesn't ...
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