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So there's a massive Mac/Linux update for Super Meat Boy, just in time for it to be 80% off on Steam:

Here's the rundown of new stuff.

- Linux version now available on Steam. If you already own the game for Windows or Mac on Steam, you get the Linux version for free right now. Otherwise, your three dollars gets you three platforms of Super Meat Boy, plus SteamOS support some day.
- Now using SDL2, which means...
- controller support that actually works!
- Tons of bug fixes.
- Super Meat World now works on Linux.
- 64-bit support on Mac OS X.
- Steamworks support on Linux (32-bit only, not my fault!)
- Fullscreen support on Mac OS X.
- Better fullscreen support on Linux.
- Mac framerate should be dramatically better.

Updated Humble Bundle builds coming soon, but I'll probably wait a day or two for Steam feedback before packaging it up.

Please be gentle: a lot of code changed, as part of this work was smashing Tommy's Mac port and my Linux port together and fixing things up from there. If you find bugs, please report them at and I'll try to sort them out asap.
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Also, while I'm pimping someone else's products: the soundtrack is also 80% off: that's $1.19 for like 400 megabytes of MP3s.   :)
I just hit a bug (crashed upon entering a warp zone pretty early on). Where can I submit?
+Josh Bush Not really a changelog. There's a bunch of crashes in the Mac version I had previously fixed in my Linux port, and there were several graphics glitches in the Linux port that Tommy fixed in his Mac version. The original drive to get this updated was that the Mac version stopped working on newer Mac OS X releases, and while I was in there fixing that, I was thinking that SDL2 solved a bunch of problems we had with Super Meat Boy, and it sort of spiraled out of control from there.
Thank you. I really hope Tommy's (or was it Edmund, I don't remember) view of Linux has either changed by now or was taken way out of context. Thanks for all the work you do and thanks to team meat for this contribution to Linux gaming.
+Olav Dahlum a lot of it is inertia. Any game you specifically miss? I can maybe follow up.
+Stephen Martin shoot, I thought I fixed that. Maybe it got unfixed in the code merge? Can you get me a stack trace?
I re-did the level and it worked fine, so I couldn't reproduce the bug.
Let me know how to stack trace, and I'd be glad to help. controller support that actually works!

Honestly, I'd accuse Skullgirls of being missing as they promised a Linux build, but they never produced one in the first place :/
When trying to run it on Steam Linux, it doesn't install anything and I get the "missing executable" message. Is it supposed to be live?

As for missing games on Steam Linux that were on HIB, there are quite a lot of them that I miss, despite the fact that they were ported to Linux. Not sure you can help with pushing them to Steam Linux: Lone Survivor, Jamestown, Bit.Trip Beat, Dustforce, Botanicula, Machinarium, Broken Sword DC, Blocks That Matter, Braid, Fractal, Gish, Limbo, McPixel, Wizorb, The Binding of Isaac, Bit.Trip Runner, Dear Esther... (and I'm probably forgetting some of them)
I think some are planned and it's only a matter of time before they're available (they're in the Steam CDR base or the devs have talked about them) but I have no info about most of them.
I thought I might get some work done today. Then this happened.
I'm getting a 'missing executable' error when launching the game.
+Bob la Loutre The list is actually quite long...
Bit trip runner
Blocks That Matter
Broken Sword - Director's Cut
Canabalt (Not on steam)
Chocolate Castle (Not on steam)
Crayon Physics Deluxe
Dear Esther
Greed Corp
Jasper's Journeys (Not on steam)
Lone Survivor
Offspring Fling
Samorost 2
Shadowgrounds: Survivor
Swords & Soldiers HD
The Basement Collection
The Binding of Isaac
Voxatron (Not on steam)
Zen Puzzle Garden (Not on steam)
+Ryan Gordon I've got a quick question: what does the 32-bit only Steamworks imply? No cloud saves and achievements on 64-bit OSs?
+Benjamin Moran There isn't a Steamworks SDK for 64-bit Linux yet. The Steam Runtime has 64-bit support, but the library that handles Cloud and Achievements, etc, doesn't.

At the moment, if you launch Super Meat Boy from Steam, we notice this and force you to the 32-bit binary. If you just launch the game directly outside of Steam, we'll use 64-bit if available.

Once there's a 64-bit Steamworks SDK, we just need to rebuild the 64-bit version against it and take out the line in the shell script that forces the 32-bit version.

(There is Steamworks for 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Mac OS X, so this is probably coming soon.)

EDIT: Valve magically showed up with 64-bit Steamworks today. Fixed!
Thanks for the clarification, and double thanks for the work you put into this. I think most of us had long given up on ever seeing this on Steam.
Thanks for this! Curious to know if SDL2 fixes the way some window managers break alt+tab, please... Okay, read your link, seems likely. 
+Olav Dahlum I'm pretty sure Mike has heard me whine about this once or twice.  :)
+Bob la Loutre If you're getting a "missing executable" error, this should be fixed as of a few minutes ago. Restart Steam and it should download about 165 megabytes (specifically: the whole game, which it didn't download before).
Thanks Ryan! This is super. Is it true that you're looking into cloud saves? I remember when I first played SMB I got 100% completion all the way up to unlocking the Kid from IWBTG... I have no idea what computer I did it on though, and at some point I lost my save. :( Still have the achievements, but that was quite a timesink! Anyway, definitely gonna give this another go now that Steam linux is a go, but I hope cloud saves will eventually be implemented. Fingers crossed!
+zacH Warner Cloud saves are on the TODO list. If that save is still in the cloud, we'll recover it.
Hey +Ryan Gordon , while you are fixing the fullscreen spec, do you think you could also take a stab at fixing the issue with gamepads not inhibiting the screensaver? I ran into this little snafu while playing Super Meat Boy... The gamepad doesn't inhibit the screensaver, and when the screensaver comes up, the game freezes up... :(
+Forrest Loomis  Hmm, Super Meat Boy should be disabling the screen saver while it runs, regardless of input from the user...might be my bug.
EDIT: oops, this was a change in SDL2. I'll fix it.
EDIT2: This is fixed on Steam now.
i picked up a copy, thanks! you hear metro last light got released for linux?
Ryan, I got to thinking about the whole cloud save thing. If you think that my old save may be recoverable, is that because each time I played SMB on a computer, those saves were each being saved to the cloud, and (because it wasn't implemented) just not syncing? Weird to think I may have a ton of SMB saves just floating about, if that is the case.

If that is the case, and cloud saves do become a reality, is there/will there be a system in place so that the save with the highest percentage complete will be kept? It seems like a tough thing to code for after the fact! But maybe some of those systems are already in place. I'd love to know more about the whole thing, if you were interested in talking/posting about it.
+zacH Warner If you played the Steam version on Windows or Mac OS X before these updates, there's a copy in the cloud somewhere. Otherwise, we're out of luck; you'd need the save files from the computer where you played it.

As for merging save files: Valve's Steam Cloud documentation says something to the extent of "Don't do that, you're only going to cause bugs; pick one save file or the other" ... and they're right. We did that for Braid, and a bug caused us to permanently destroy speed run results, etc. We fixed it pretty quickly, but that's not comforting for the guy that lost his work in the meantime.
I have the achievements from back then, so I must have played  it on Windows way back then... I hope it'll turn up!
After playing a while on my laptop, my leaderboard stats were updated to only those few levels I had beaten on that PC. I got it fixed by improving a time on my main PC, but it could potentially waste a lot of effort. I tried to contact Team Meat via their website but submitting the form didn't seem functional.
meat boy is on sale at humble store. $2.49
Steam Cloud is hooked up now.
+Ryan Gordon! Oh shit! Ohhhh shit. :D So... what happens now? Is there a way for me to browse my old saves? I hope I can find it...
+zacH Warner If it's available at all, it'll be there when you next launch the game. If not: sorry, it wasn't there at all.
Bah. :( Oh well. At least it won't be lost again in the future. Thanks Ryan!
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