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Digital Marketing & Team Building | Gaming Podcaster
Digital Marketing & Team Building | Gaming Podcaster

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Venue Events markup added to Knowledge Graph

It's not a rare feeling around here that something we are working on just happens to become the topic of an update a week or so later. Last week we were putting the finishing copy on a page for one of our Chicago locations that will have a unique event space as part of the building.

It will be interesting to see how well this integration gets picked-up once we have events booked at the space, and whether the user intent is to learn about the venue or the individual events. 

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Now just waiting for a much more 300-esque version of Wizard of Oz featuring this guy. 
Incredible, indeed! The Hulk made from scrap metal: by BanHunLek

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Best thing I read today:

A lot of what Mack says in general is uplifting/inspiring, but when she talks about team building, I'm totally invested. Check this out if you at all responsible for helping your crew flourish and level up. 

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Comments-per-Post; the metric to save us all

Very thorough and well-argued post by +Dan Shure over on the Moz blog. Took my until this morning to finish it, but well worth the read if you or your team are involved in blogging for your company. 

Some really interesting stuff going on in the comments, too. 
My newest post is on +Moz today: The Broken Art Of Company Blogging (and the one metric that could save us)

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The best gaming article I've read in weeks doesn't come from gaming media. +Rand Fishkin's review of the ideas in Ian Danskin's "This is Phil Fish" video essay. Ian makes several salient points about how we treat internet fame and our expectations of how "famous" people interact with anyone at anytime, and Rand does a fine job bringing these points to an expanded audience.

Actually, if I'd heeded what either of them said, I wouldn't be typing this, I would have come up with a single image to convey all this. Maybe something like a jumping high-five, Finn & Jake style.

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SEO Echo Chamber? More like Pre-Cogs

Around the office we often talk about how the Whiteboard Friday episode or other +Moz posts nail the topics we've been working on that week or month.  You might say that's less coincidence and more likely that we've been listening to an overlapping set of influencers that reasonably led us all to the same point on different timelines (queue TARDIS sounds).

Today I checked my feed-reader and saw something a little eerie. Just yesterday we had a meeting about setting up an improved scheme for competitor tracking and analysis. Since our company participated in so many verticals, we knew we'd need a framework, not something that was done ad-hoc when we were gearing up to work on a particular product line. Low and behold, the fantastic gift that +Aleyda Solis unknowing gave to us.

Putting aside the likelihood that she's a mental ninja and broke into my mind, the diagram below is exactly what we needed to move into production on our competitor analysis and tracking. 

If any of my friends overseas run into Aleyda, give her a high-five and a drink for me. 

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So much Yes! This video should clear up confusion anyone has about why net neutrality is all about. Amazing job. 

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#ILoveTabletop - Shut Up & Take My Money

Not only are +Felicia Day & +Wil Wheaton awesome, entertaining folks, but TableTop has helped me discover games I never would have encountered before, and directly contributed to many fun evenings with my friends over the last couple of years. The least I could do is contribute towards getting another season. 

(Seriously, I'd never played Catan, Tsuro, Small World, Ticket to Ride or Munchkin before watching Tabletop.)

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How Social affects SEO but not algorithmically

I'd say "great post by +AJ Kohn", but if you subscribe to Blind Five Year Old, you've already come to expect the type of article that cuts through the confusion and gives you the what/where/why about online marketing. 

I had originally thought I'd write more about this on my own blog, but after sharing the post and discussing it with my team, I don't have much more of value to add on the topic at this time. Thus, I figured the least I could do is share it here, and hopefully 1 or 2 creators follow me and get inspired. 

At the bare minimum, anyone who's stuck in the desert like me should appreciate a graph about ice cream. 
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