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Building an Inter-dimensional Closed Curve Wormhole… Prototype.

A few weeks ago a friend asked me to contribute to an art show he was curating in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The only theme for the show being “SciFi”. Having just recently lost some of my favorite art pieces to a thoughtless landlord’s mistake, I was energized to make something totally new and unlike any work I have done previously. 

For this show entitled, “The Singularity”, I created an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for a portable wormhole portal. A head-sized portal that would allow the traveler to walk around in a circle and exit in another dimension. The forces within this tunnel transporting the consciousness to another version of yourself existing within another dimension. Skipping through time and space in no time at all. Here is the official description.

A wormhole, or Einstein–Rosen bridge, is a hypothetical topological feature that would be a shortcut connecting two separate points in spacetime. A wormhole, in theory, might be able to connect extremely far distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few feet, different universes, and different points in time. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in spacetime.

Testing the limits of space and time, this Minimum Viable Product Wormhole lets our mind enter at one point in the fabric of spacetime, and exit in what seems like the same place, but is actually a parallel universe, mimicking our own, with only small changes. Maybe you spot these changes right away, maybe not, but a change has taken place no less.

This early prototype is manifested as a closed timelike curve, where your mind acts as a material particle in spacetime that is “closed”, returning to its starting point. This possibility was discovered by Kurt Gödel in 1949.

The amount of time that elapses for the transversing passenger is equal to the time passing on the outside of the portal, but as advances in time dilation allow, the act of crossing from one universe to another will slow down time for the traveler, as she moves though the universe at speeds that skip beyond the pace of light.

In the future, we will utilize wormholes at our command for intrauniversal time travel, and moving raw materials from asteroid mines to habitable planets & space stations. Having products available any time, anywhere, will upend the transportation and logistics industry and render traditional delivery methods and 3D printing obsolete.

With this prototype, human travelers take the first step towards active passage through time and space. Where, and when, will you arrive when you exit the wormhole?

#art #wip #science #physics #singularity #mvp #startup #moonshot #wormhole #portal #blackhole #interdimensional #dumbo #brooklyn #studiohangouts +Studio Hangouts
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